The annual Cubase Sale has started and we have good news for everyone who has already updated

You give people things (that you don’t have why to do) and they only know how to complain and complain. What a world is staying! I’m sorry, but it’s maddening to see such behaviors.

I already own everything they are giving away (except The Clip) and well, I appreciate the detail. If you are interested in what they give you, great. If not, move on to something else and get on with your life, it’s not that hard!


Thank you Steinberg!
Just updated my C11 to C12, thank you for the extras.

Just downloaded SoftTube ‘Dirty Tape’. Had no problems getting it. Ran it on a project and liked it.

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I usually find these free plugins to be more problem than they’re worth. Hassles for installing and registering them, and then the companies behind them just abandon the plugins and now you can either not upgrade your stuff or you just lose access to those plugins. Happened to me recently with Focusrite free plugins I was moving to another computer. I’ll probably install Amped Electra, but that’s about it.

I tried to order Cubase 12 Artist from Steinberg, but when i got to the end of the order i got a message saying it was processing and then i got a Steinberg screen that didn’t do anything.
I never got an email from Steinberg, just nothing but a Steinberg screen that did nothing and went nowhere.

I am wondering if the site is having problems.

First person to PM me gets a code for “Fire the Clip”, I have no use for it.

Yes, but the free Chow Tape Model is better IMHO, and more like actual tape.

The CS-80 is a real gem, though.

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Will they appear over the weekend? And can you tell me what the Vouchers tab will look like?

It looks like this:

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Updated to 12 pro yesterday and since then, I do have the vouchers tab, but apart from an option to upgrade my GA to the new Steinberg license, no goodies for me still :frowning: How many days it’ll take for it to appear?

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OK! That’s definitely not there!

We will have a look at the issue with the missing vouchers on Monday with our licensing team and fix it. Don’t worry.


Yes I have the same issue here. Upgraded then eventually sorted out the activation and still no vouchers.

…and I can’t see the vouchers tab in my account.

Same here, none of the new vouchers are visible for me. Hope it gets sorted soon.

I totally agree with you. It’s not necessarily Steinberg’s fault as much as it is my distaste at having to abide by an off-product website by having to create another login and password. This means that now I have to keep track of 1 more thing on my computer (and in my head) Look, it’s great that Steinberg is making these available to us, I just wish it could have been integrated into the Cubase eco-system.

Excellent offer, especially (for me) the new instruments. All working well, thanks Steinberg!

I don’t see anything either. I just upgrade to Cubase 12 pro a day ago. Hopefully this issue will get fixed :slight_smile:

I have to concur about all the voucher complaints - geez,it’s free. Yes it can be a bit of process to get the software installed but - it’s free. They didn’t have to give us anything.
I downloaded the CS80 - very nice indeed. Worth the 20 min to get it download, installed and authorized.
FYI- I purchased my upgrade yesterday and today I saw the vouchers in my account. Only reason I saw them today was due to being on this forum - had no idea there were any vouchers.

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To all that have issues activating Cubase 12 upgrade may be due to having a 2nd email account.
At one point I needed to create a new profile (can’t remember why - maybe something to do with forum update). Anything related to Cubase 12 went to my new email.