The annual Cubase Sale has started and we have good news for everyone who has already updated

Thank you!

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Really appreciate this. I usually skip a generation or two before upgrading but the Steinberg offer coupled with an equally good Melodyne upgrade offer from Celemony using the voucher were too good to miss.

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I got the this morning… Thanks, all…

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Where would I see Amped Elektra after installing?
Went into Halion > Instrument sets, nothing labeled Amped Elektra

You still have to install it. After seeing your post, I remembered I activated my license, but that was it. Just fired up (and had to update) the Download Assistant and there it was added to my downloads. 1.84GB or so for the Mac here.

Please open the Steinberg Library Manager to check if it has actually been installed. If not, you should click “Open” in the Steinberg Download Assistant to install it manually.

If you still can’t see the library, please follow these instructions, replacing “HALion Sonic SE_64” with your version of Halion.


Thx. I had re-installed Halion without realizing I didn’t install Elektra.

1,5 days later and no voucher tab…
What’s the solution?

Hi @Smedberg, your verification of the update is still pending. You need to make sure that your USB eLicenser is connected when you try to activate the update.

Most are just 20 day trials. Head ache trying to set all of it up just to get a 20 day trial. You can’t even learn all that in 20 days. Waist of time and energy. should be 2 months. So we can at least sink our teeth into it and learn as we go. To go through all those trial set ups. Is tedious and monotonous. and if at one at a time. you won’t get to them all, in the time frame they’ve allowed. I am pretty sure the only one by Steinberg. “AMPED ELECTRA” Is only one, that you can also register in the e’licencer , easily. For prosperity. But before you do the download. you will have 3 choices in the Download Box, on what to click on first. The download by default , or the Path , or the Register with e’Licencer. click e’Licence first go through the motions. It will set it up in your e’Licencer. Then it will send you back to the download again. Click download Default or Path. Pick your choice & download. But do “Register first”! If downloaded first. You have to go through all the motions til the end. Easier to register first. Algorithm is made to bring you back to download after only the Registration. Where as, The Algorithm makes you, have to start The Download process again over, if downloaded before you register. with e’licencer. I hope I helped.

Hey Smedberg;
Log into your Cubase Account @ Steinberg. Just after you have logged in. You get a choice of things to choose on the left. Profile at the top. On the left, look down for Voucher. Click on it ! And there they all are! ENJOY!!

All of these plugins are the paid versions, none of the vouchers are trial codes. Once you activate the codes, you own the plugin licenses forever.

I would recommend checking out the official page for the promotion again.

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I finally see the vouchers, and used all but Acustica Audio because it says “The coupon code you entered doesn’t exist. Please try again.”

Thanks Romantique_Tp. Cheers. I’ll look at them again. I followed the direction it took me. I had a heck of a time trying to get all set up. Arturia Was a Trial on my nerves, in itself, just to get it set up. I had to literally look for the download Code page. Becuae following from Cubase Voucher, lead my to another page. Took me 20 minutes just to find the Code page. Also it would not accept my code at first try. Somehow it jumped to another page after it wouldn’t accept the first try. I still don’t know for sure if It was accepted or not. It wouldn’t register my e-mail, when I set it all up. My account information. It took forever to verify and still wasn’t after an hour or so of waiting. That’s why it held up everything to work because it did not confirm yet. and I was at my e-mail. for a good hour and a half, waiting for confirmation in my email page. waisted allot of time for all 7. The easiest was Cubase “Amped Electra”. So easy. I thought all 7 was free, but Arturia. It was showing me a page that for full version . I have to pay. Yet the small version was free. “ARTURIA” . In the DOWNLOAD BOX it says,DEMO, STANDARD, EDU or NFR. These are the different choices for download, which also says there is a Payment Fee for the Licence. It was called Licencer Payment Fee. also after the download. it doesn’t lead you to the code download as well. the link Steinberg set up was not very good. It should have linked you to the Download of Aturia itself. Then link you to the Code Page. To put the Codes in and the Refferral code. but does not. THANKS . I’ll Hammer at it again. See if it is registered with my e-mail, from the last time I did it. Thanks again.

They’re serial codes, not coupon codes. You register them in your Acustica account. The voucher takes you to this link, just follow the instructions:
We develop the world’s most advanced audio plugins for professional mixing and mastering, based on sampling technology and Artificial Intelligence, trusted by Grammy® Artists and Sound Engineers.

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Thank you. Can’t see the forest for the trees got its true meaning again :smiley:

Thanks, bought the update outside of home and could not activate until yesterday.
Waiting for tab to appear. :slight_smile:

Goodmorning and thanks for that!
I just update my cubase 11 pro to 12 pro, but unfortunately I cannot see in my “MY STEINBERG” page the vaucher link with the free plugin redeem link.
I missed something?
Thanks a lot.

Hello Matthias, I still don’t see the vaucher tab, I update cubase12 last saturday.
Thanks a lot for your help and time.

@Smedberg You vouchers are there now.

@Luca_Lombardi Yours will be there soon.