The annual Cubase Sale has started and we have good news for everyone who has already updated

Got it all working here. People these are FANTASTIC Give aways. The CS80 emulation is made by Arturia the market leader in synth emulations. The CS-80 is the King of Synths and would cost you $50,000 circa if you wanted the real thing (which is very tempremental). This VST normally goes for £128 UK!
Second, The Halion Amped Elektra is a very decent electric piano which is normally £68 and Melodyne around £80. Throw in two more plugins and the figure goes over £300 worth of freebies!


HI Mate they have written in the faqs that you cant get the refund.

I have recently purchased Cubase and now there is sale on. Can I get a refund?

We are sorry, but our Cubase sales offers are only available from September 1 - October 3, 2022. We cannot refund your previous purchase or upgrade you for free.

Although I have all the offered plugins is so fresh to see that Steinberg is finally making some partners! So fresh! Congrats!


thank u matt i got it … :rose:

Unexpected, yet fantastic ! These plugins are of high quality and expand creativity. You could have put any synth, but man, the CS-80 :heart_eyes: I’ve been watching it for quite a bit, so this really comes unexpected, and the Elektra sounds very good too.
Amazing, thank you Steinberg !


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Question about installation: I’m currently running 10.5. I purchased 11 last year, but I never had the break in work to allow me to install. Now I’d like to buy (and actually install!) Cubase 12. Do I need to install 11 first? I know I only have to pay the “Update from Cubase 11” price, but will the “Update from Cubase 11” download work for me, as I’m currently at 10.5?

If you haven’t registered your Cubase 11 codes yet, registering them at this point will give you a license for 12 and you will be all set.

The 12 license will be on the new licensing system, and your 10.5 license will stay on the dongle and you can use both.

Me too! What a wonderful gift … thank you Steinberg!

That’s great offer. Thank you very much. Hope you will be sending email to all subscribers about this offer. :+1:

It seems a little strange that the Amped Elektra uses the old eLicenser, not the Steinberg licensing. What’s up with that? Anybody new to this will need a $27 dongle just for the plugin, but not for the Pro application???

As my mother used to say, that’s bassackwards!


Literally upgraded to 12 2 days ago. You’re telling me i don’t qualify for the reduced amount? I also dont see any vouchers…
Kind of lame thing to do to loyal users.

just spent too much time trying to get the “not free” softube dirty tape plugin through the Softube Website registration, I-lock, and their dumb portal download, only to see it is $24 usd. Didn’t need it or my time wasted. Sorry for my Whinning vent.

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You obviously did something wrong because it IS totally free


will check again. Already requested assistance so this is good to see. Thank you.

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I’ll honestly be pretty upset if Cubase users get these freebies and Nuendo users don’t…


None of Steinberg’s current instruments require the USB-eLicenser dongle. The ones that haven’t made the switch to Steinberg Licensing yet can be activated using a software eLicenser which is stored in your computer drive.

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Same here. I’ve been using CB since the old Atari St 1040 days and I was trialing CB12 which runs out today. I bought CB12 pro a few days ago and activated it at 10:45am the day before the sale was announced.
Absolutely Gutted that Steinberg will not refund the difference in price.

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Nice … but I don’t get how to actually get the Amped Elektra plugin? Essential info seems to be missing??

I redeem the voucher and it gives me a code, but then what? :thinking:

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Just install via Steinberg Download Assistant, like with any other Steinberg Software.

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