The annual Cubase Sale has started and we have good news for everyone who has already updated

I 'm always waiting for steinberg or asknet help to have activation code ! to activate 12pro (upgrade from 10 pro)
i sent tickets, mails, i phone asknet (it’s a recorder and it say they can’t answer right now…
It’s a shame !
i cant play anymore… :angry:

@giloine Maybe you need to make sure that you have allowed Asknet and Steinberg to sent you emails. Sometimes there are settings that are blocking the sent out.

i have received a confirmation request from steinberg support. Aslo i can go to “my request” in my acount in “my steinberg”… but no answers.
I am very disappointed because it is not the first time that I update with steinberg. :pensive:

Ok i think the problem is solved.

I had a nice lady on the phone at asknet.
She first resent the code to my primary address. It did not work.
She then sent this code to my second address and I received the email.
I just have to test now.

I dont know what happened with my primary addresse ?
THX for your help.


I have vouchers for SoftTube and Acustica products but they don’t work!

What didn’t work?

Did you follow the instructions on these pages?

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I will add to this as it was a mistake that ’ I ’ made . you MUST use the icon by the side of the code in My Steinberg for the Acustica to copy the code and then Control V to paste from clipboard otherwise the chances are the code will not work , i had the same issue but that was my problem .

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I’ve tried softtube with instructions and it didn’t work. But secon time it worked.
And for Acustica it was my mistake sorry.
Now all is done!
Thank you Matthias!


Seeing Melodyne Essentials as a partner product you could predict that VariAudio is going to be obsolete and be replaced by Melodyne (as it is actually with StudioOne).
I am a bit concerned…

Absolutely not.


Then I am awaiting VariAudio 4 with polyphonic support with Cubase 13 :wink:

Much appreciated - thank you. However the website is not sending out verification emails, despite the fact it said it has (yes - I have checked the spam folder).
Of course there is no contact email address on the website, so I am unable to contact them unless I have an account, Catch 22 - can someone at Steinberg ask them to sort it out please?

I got the activation code from the dealer today and everything went smoothly.

Thank you so much, Steinberg! :slight_smile:

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Hi guys. Anyone knows on how many machines we can register Steinberg’s Amped Elektra? I had success to activate it only once. It pretty seems that we can activate it only for one machine id, instead of three we have for Cubase 12 Pro. I can see that i can transfer it to my old dongle with e-licenser, but i get the message that it is not reversible if i do it. Cheers.

It’s as per all the eLicenser activated products. You either have it on the soft eLicenser which is a hassle to move between machines. Or, put it on a USB dongle and move it between machines that way.

And yes, once you move to dongle you can’t go back to soft eLicenser… Until Amped Elektra moves to the new Steinberg Licensing, at least. In which case it’ll be as per C12 etc.

Whatever you do in regards to putting it on USB or not, won’t affect the final outcome when it’s possible to move it to the new Steinberg Licensing, if that was a concern.

Thanks @skijumptoes , that’s what i though, to transfer it on my old USB dongle so i can have this over my other machines. Cheers mate!

I’m afraid that’s the problem with all “sales”, “special offers” and so on, which therefore are NOT, actually, “good news for everyone”. Not in equal measure, anyway.
They are definitely good news for everyone who has not purchased yet any of the products involved in the sale. For anyone else the news are… less good. Especially for those who made some purchases just before the sale started.

Anyway, this is a practically unavoidable problem, because any timed promotion must inevitably have a start date and therefore there will always be someone who bought just before that date. And if the seller announced the start date in advance, then no one would buy anything until that date. And if the seller also granted the discount to those who bought just before that date, there would always be those who bought a little earlier …

Thanks for the freebies, those were really sweet!

No sign of any voucher tab in my steinberg accout after 72hr…:frowning:

Like I posted earlier, please run the Steinberg Activation Manager to check if Cubase 12 is verified and activated.