The annual Cubase Sale has started and we have good news for everyone who has already updated

Just to refresh my memory on one aspect:
supposing that before October 3 I buy the upgrade to C12 Pro (I now have C11 Pro, obviously with USB eLicenser), will I be able to have both C11 and C12 installed and running indefinitely in my system?
Or will my current C11 Pro license be “replaced” by the C12 “dongle-less” one and consequently removed from the dongle?

Supposing the answer to the first question is “yes” (as I hope and actually need), will the “partner products” included in the Sale run both in C12 and C11?

You can run both C11 and C12 on the same system. The C11 license will remain on the USB eLicenser. And you can also run the partner products in C11.

Thanks for your clear and very useful answer, which definitely makes this Cubase Sale quite… enticing to me.
So, if I’m not mistaken, after upgrading to C12 I’ll still be able to run , thanks to my USB eLicenser, C11 and also previous Cubase versions (such as C7.5 32 bit, which I need for some old projects). The only difference will lay in the fact that I’ll be able to use also C12 and the partner products.

A final curiosity:
since you said that the partner products will run also in C11, I wonder if those products look for their licenses online or inside the USB eLicenser. A doubt similar to the one I have about Groove Agent SE 5.1.10, which runs in C11 (with the eLicenser) and, as far as I know, runs also in C12 without eLicenser.

You will be able to run previous Cubase versions with the USB eLicenser attached. Cubase 12 runs with the new Steinberg Licensing and can be activated on up to three machines.

The partner products are not using our licensing system. Arturia, Softube, Celemony and Acustica all have their own system. You have to register there and enter the serial numbers/activation codes that we provide in the voucher section in MySteinberg. These are just regular products as if you would get them when you purchase them directly from the manufacturer.

I upgraded from cubase 10 to cubase 12 in this promotion,
It’s been 5 days and the free plugins voucher has not appeared in my my steinberg account.
Has anyone gone through this?
how to solve?

100% sure?

100% sure

Can you sent me your account email in a message? I can just see a Cubase AI license in your account that is registered to this forum.

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great news. thanks steinberg…I tried purchasing cubase pro 12 on steinberg shop online but the transaction keeps failing .tried different debit/credit cards but no hope…it says ‘your bank declined your transaction’…steinberg fix this problem as soon as possible before the offer ends.So I couldnt purchase it. still facing same problem…thanks.

The shop is managed by Asknet and if your credit card isn’t accepted you should call them to check what is failing.

Complaining in a user forum is not what helps in such a case and Steinberg can not fix problems related to your personal bank.

I am trying to buy an upgrade from artist 12 to pro 12. I live in Spain in the canary islands. My province of Las Palmas does not appear in the dropdown list. Consequently it wont let me proceed with the purchase

I’ve purchased and installed my upgrade to Cubase 12 and would like to get the free plug-ins that are advertised on the site.

But after a week, I still don’t see the “vouchers” tab on my MySteinberg page. The only explanation that I can think of is that I live in Taiwan. Are the free plug-ins not available here? Or is there something that I’m missing?

I hope I can resolve this issue. I really wanted the Arturia CS-80 V…

Make sure that Cubase 12 is activated and verified.

My Cubase 12 was verified after 48hr, still no sign of any voucher tab in my steinberg accout…

Its been a week past when you said you would update me. Any news?

@ChrisTwofour All the vouchers are in your account.

@Taiwandude I have checked your account and all the vouchers are there.

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@Kunsin_Lin Your Cubase 12 license is not verified yet. Please make sure that you have the usb elicenser attached when you enter the DAC of the update in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thank you. I did the verification earlier today, and that fixed it.

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I’m a long time Logic Pro user and I’ve been toying with getting a second DAW for some time.

I have been put off by purchasing Cubase in the past because of the eLicenser. As it is now no longer required for Cubase Pro 12 I am seriously considering Cross-grading.

I can cross-grade for £185 which, along with the extra Free Partner software is excellent value!

My only concern now is from what I’m reading, am I going to have issues with installing Amped Elektra since I don’t have a USB eLicenser.