The annual Cubase Sale has started and we have good news for everyone who has already updated

No you’ll be fine.

The eLicenser has two components - one is a software option, the other is USB.

So you can just use the Soft eLicenser option for Amped Elektra and then when it is available to use Steinberg Licensing you can move to that.

The soft eLicenser is fixed to one machine is the only downside in that interim period. It’s a great instrument though! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply!

Thats good to know :grinning:

Am I correct to assume, that I wouldn’t get the 11 Pro version if I would upgrade to 12 Pro from 11 Artist?

When using the voucher: Do we get the CS-80 V4 which is the latest version from Arturia, or do we get the CS-80 V which is also downloadable from

It’s the latest version of course, CS-80 V4.

Hi Everyone, I am just new to Cubase and have Cubase 9.5 LE with Halion Sonic 3.
I need to upgrade to Pro ver. and full library. If there’s any offer in my case kindly update and advise.

Faisal (Sundesa)

Pick this option:

Cubase Pro comes with much more Halion Sonic SE 3 content. There’s no upgrade path to the full version of Halion Sonic 3.

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I bought my upgrade at full pop not 5 days before this promotion happened. I asked if I could get a price adjustment, and Steinberg Support told me to go pound sand.

IK Multimedia put my plug ins on sale in a similar manner, and they were happy to credit me.

I’m seriously considering cancelling my CC payment.

Yeah, but they can have a grace period of 60 days, or whatever. That is reasonable, and that’s what other software companies do. Retail stores have a return policy and price adjust policy.

I gotta say, IK Multimedia was happy to do this for me about six months back. Why not Steinberg?

GREAT NEWS! Looking forward to the voucher! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback and kind reply.

What’s the difference between Halion Sonc 3 and the newer ver. Halion 6? What if I keep my Cubase to 9.5 LE and upgrade my Halion Sonic 3 to Halion 6?

Also do I need to buy saparate plugin libraries / presets or the 12 Pro has everything built in?


HALion 6 is basically the editor version of HALion Sonic 3, so it’s not a case of being newer as such.

Note: What you get with Cubase is the SE version, i.e.: HALion Sonic SE 3.

So, if you upgraded to HALion 6, you get full HALion Sonic 3 as part of the package. Confusing? Yes I know! :slight_smile: Basically the “Sonic” versions are players and more suitable for inserting into projects being more efficient than loading up the full HALion(6) Editor each time. i.e.:

HALion 6 - Full sound library plus editing features
HALion Sonic 3 - Player version of the above
HALion Sonic 3 SE - Player version with reduced content (Inc in Cubase).

Across, Padshop, Groove Agent SE, HALion Sonic 3 SE and Retrologue 2, You get a ton of stuff included within Cubase Pro so best to explore what’s available. In terms of synth sounds there’s loads that can be done with Retrologue and Padshop - especially when you layer them.

If you moved to HALion 6 Or full version of HALion 3, it’s mainly better quality Yamaha Motif style sound libraries, and extra sound engines that you gain. Great if you want a ton of bread and butter sounds. But not everyone needs that.

Absolute collection then sits top of that tree and offers you a load more including HALion expansions, full Groove Agent, Backbone etc. If you can get it on sale it’s arguably the best option in future.


You are being very unjust, if you bought anything from a shop before a sale they will not reimburse you , as i mentioned above i bought 2 x £500 modules a week before the version 2’s were released , i was very upset understandably but things move on . If you know Steinberg you should know they hold sales and should just wait if your wanting to save a few quid , it’s not Steinbergs Fault

I don’t agree. I worked in various retail stores for 10 years. Every store i worked at, including a small music store, would make price adjustments up to 30 days after purchase. Also, IK Multimedia… another software company, did give me a price adjustment when basically the same thing happened.

IK Are a bit strange though, every month they inflate prices and then offer sales the next. I think issuing refunds is just the offshoot of that practise. Retail is the same, and it’s a completely different model to how Steinberg run.

With Steinberg a sale is a sale, there’s no gimmick of $1000 versions that are $200 the following month, then pushed up again, then down the next etc… It’s very straight up, and clearly defined.

It sucks to have purchased at full price shortly before, and I really do sympathise with you.

But a line has to be drawn somewhere, if you start issuing preferential treatment to individuals it sets a poor precedence. And likewise, if you’re not playing the retail game of tempting people through the door with fake offers then you don’t need grace periods and buy-back guarantees as a safety net on sales periods.

As a side note, I had IK say they would refund me for Mixbox which I got at the same time as Total Studio Max (Didn’t realise it was included at the time). But it never got processed, even though promised - I chased, but nothing. So it’s not all greener on the other side either.

Hi -
I purchased C12 the other week - been Steinberg user since the days of “24” if anyone still remembers that - and still can’t see any vouchers except the one for Groove Agent 5 for upgrading to Steinberg Licensing.
Which I won’t use until my C12 Steinberg License is running properly. Right now I can’t get that one to work, but that’s another issue. (An “unknown interapplication communication error occurred”, presumably between SAM & eLCC2.)

I’d love to be able to register the additional software before time is running out. How are my chances?
Creativity to all

can someone tell me where these voucher codes are. I have cubase 12 pro and cannot see any of them.

Solved on 9/18/2022.
I decided to bite the bullet for this promotion. I had CB12 LE, and just went all the way up to Pro. However, while in the process of getting the promotional code for Celemony, I encountered a glitch of some sort. I was not able to complete the activation, and now I can not access the portal to complete the process.
How can I go about getting the license activation completed?

I had a look at them in this video: Steinberg news: Free Plugins 2022!! - YouTube

Long time FL Studio user here who began making orchestral music.
FL lacks in this area, and have been searching for another DAW.
But end up back to FL everytime haha.
Been doing the demo for cubase for a couple of days.
And it just clicked after some time.
Even set up a big template. At over 600 tracks currently and not done yet.
I have a really bad computer and I can have all my libraries just sitting there disabled.
Everything at my fingertips, just have to press enable.
That’s so useful.

Just making sure though.
Crossgrade will work with FL Studio Producer Edition right?