The annual Cubase Sale has started and we have good news for everyone who has already updated

Hi @simon_roberts, please make sure that your USB eLicenser with the Cubase Pro 11 license is attached when you enter the update DAC. You can’t see the vouchers since your activation process is not completed yet.

Yes, the producer edition is eligible for the cross grade. Enjoy!

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Hi the USB is always attached. Is it a problem with my licenser?
My version of 12 says that it’s registered on my computer.

So how do I update the DAC?

I seem to somehow have multiple accounts with purchases spread over the 3 email accounts.
Is it possible to transfer them all into the one?

I see there is a markdown in price, but when I go to proceed to checkout it shows charging the full amount of $99.99+ when the markdown if 59.99$, why?

The item is to update cubase pro 11 to 12 which for the beginning of the month showed 40% off and the update being 90$. The reason I ask is because I was going to update at the 59.99 price but when I got the basket checkout it charged me $101.00 + tax… seems you may have a bug in your checkout services.

Bought Cubase artist 12 full version just now and no vouchers… help? @Matthias_Quellmann

Hi @Roi_Horowitz, please log in to your MySteinberg account on our website to find the vouchers.

Did I miss Cubase 11.5 or did that not happen this time?

Went straight from C11 to C12 due to the delayed release and substantial changes in regards to Steinberg Licensing.

So, no C11.5.

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I Just wait until there IS a sale.
Not always easy to have patience but it pays off.

This is fantastic! Thanks, Steinberg! Keep more of those coming ; )

I still wish there would be a way to upgrade to Nuendo without actually loosing the cubase license. It is ridiculous that people that crossgrade from other DAWs were offered great deals a few months ago without having to scrap their other DAWs but the Cubase Users actually had to pay MORE to acquire Nuendo if they at the same time wanted to own a license of Cubase Pro. Stunning.

Apart from that baffling frustration I love Steinberg.

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