The annual Cubase Sale has started and we have good news for everyone who has already updated

The istructions are not clear on the Steinberg page. Steinberg, you may wish to alter the text. “Update to or purchase Cubase 12 and redeem the2” |what does the2 mean?

why don’t I have a voucher tab?

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To be fair, it was written in the original post that vouchers may take time.
I must’ve ran right through and ignored it in my excitement. :slight_smile:

Won’t stop me refreshing the account every 10 mins like an impatient brat though haha.

Hi all,
let me check with our licensing team. There might be some traffic on the servers right now. But no worries. I have checked a couple of the accounts in this thread from our backend and all have the vouchers in their account. Please have a little patience.


Thank you!

Thank you for these kind gifts Matthias and Steinberg team they are very well received and nice to know you have some nice partners to hand but please fix the Midi note issue .

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I saw the vouchers for about 10 seconds an then it disappeared, so much pressure!!! :grinning:

Please check again now if the vouchers are there!

Ching! ching! Mine just appeared - seriously, big thanks for these offerings, very kind of you and the partners involved. :slight_smile:

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Are you allowed to sell these vouchers? Couldn’t find anything in the Legal Terms.

Vouchers ? What vouchers ? :joy: Much appreciated :heart: :heart:

Pretty cool promo!


What about Nuendo 12 users? And is there a discount on Cubase when you have Nuendo?



Awesome! :sunglasses:
No go tho … I have what I need in 2022, which is just as awesome!
Now that cycle that appears after 2022 … hmmm

Yes Iam a Nuendo 12 user and no voucher for us ?


Working here,Thanks Steinberg!

Got it all working here. People these are FANTASTIC Give aways. The CS80 emulation is made by Arturia the market leader in synth emulations. The CS-80 is the King of Synths and would cost you $50,000 circa if you wanted the real thing (which is very tempremental). This VST normally goes for £128 UK!
Second, The Halion Amped Elektra is a very decent electric piano which is normally £68 and Melodyne around £80. Throw in two more plugins and the figure goes over £300 worth of freebies!


HI Mate they have written in the faqs that you cant get the refund.

I have recently purchased Cubase and now there is sale on. Can I get a refund?

We are sorry, but our Cubase sales offers are only available from September 1 - October 3, 2022. We cannot refund your previous purchase or upgrade you for free.

Although I have all the offered plugins is so fresh to see that Steinberg is finally making some partners! So fresh! Congrats!


thank u matt i got it … :rose: