The annual Cubase Sale has started and we have good news for everyone who has already updated

Hmm I got it free here

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The Amped Electra is a Halion Instrument. I had some puzzles getting it working. I went to the (flaky) Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA) and downloaded it. It did not show up in Halion. Then I “opened” it in SDA and it “registered” it. I fumbled around a bit, so I am not sure of the exact process, its counterintuitive

Hmm purchased upgrade this morning, waited for a couple of hours but i still dont see the vouchers tab

i have update 1 day to early , i have ask if they could do something for me , but they stick to there rules , i think its not verry kind , i always update and payed already a lot (:

I read the same thing on the page a few times before realising that the instructions hadn’t been formatted properly (HTML).
It should read:

  1. Update to or purchase Cubase 12 and redeem the Download Access Code in the Steinberg Download Assistant.
  2. Go to your MySteinberg account
  3. Go to “Vouchers”.
  4. Click in the link to the partner website next to the plug-in you want to get.
  5. Use the activation code to register your plug-in at the partner website.

I’ve also looked in vain for the “Access Code in the Steinberg Download Assistant”, having just upgraded to 12 from 10.5
Cannot find any relevant code. There’s a box in the MySteinberg->Products page with “Redeem Download Access Code”. You click on it and it says, “Please enter your Download Access Code.”
“Umm, isn’t that what I came here to get?” I thought.
Anyway, they say to wait for 24 hours for things to appear in your account so I’m waiting a day or so and monitoring this thread. Good luck.

That is unfortunate, but similar to the grace period for updates, where to draw the line? If they give you back your money, the next person says, “but I only bought two days before the sale, can I get my money back”, and the next one “if people who bought it two days before the sale, why don’t I get my money back when I bought it three days before the sale”, and so on. That’s the general problems with sales - they are not fair.

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I assume I’d have to PAY for 12 though, correct?

I have the same thing.

This pop-up completely disables any other operation on the website, like an annoying pop-up banner from years ago:

I have no idea what to do now. Anyone know?

Step 1 is redeeming the Download Access Code for Cubase 12, which was emailed to you when you purchased it. This means that Cubase 12 is now activated.

If you can see the free plugin vouchers, then you’ve probably already done that.

Sorry but that’s not what this says (and I cannot actually complete these steps beyond clicking on Vouchers, which then blocks any other action):

Should I be looking for the original Cubase 12 download access code? Even though it’s probably saved in my profile?

P.S. EDIT: Adding the original Cubase 12 download access code returns “An error occurred. Try again later”. Still no idea what to do @Romantique_Tp

I purchased Cubase Pro 12 yesterday and activated. Still nothing.

Please make sure that any script blocking browser extensions are disabled. You could also try signing-in using another browser.

If that doesn’t work, please try again later.

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Tried in Firefox, Opera and Edge. Also tried removing all cookies and web data.

It is working for me. My only wish is that Steinberg could have integrated these additions into the Cubase/Steinberg eco-system rather than having to go and register each product at its corresponding website. I really don’t relish having to create and save 5 more logins and passwords.


It’s so frustrating. not knowing when (or if!) the vouchers link will appear. :frowning_face:

Enabling website trackers resolves the issue and I can now access the vouchers. Thanks.

Hello good mornig for everyone.
First of all, thank you very much for the gifts.

_Steinberg Cupones

I have tried using the Softube Dirty Tape voucher with no success.
I have created an account, verified the mail, put the promotional code and it says that it is invalid.

Has anyone done it successfully?


Login to the softube site, go to ‘My Account’ and then select ‘Register License’:

Your code goes in there.


Thanks a lot!!

Just wanted to say, how good it is to see folk helping each other out like this… :smile: :+1:

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