The Arranger

hi all,
this is my first post so please be gentle! :slight_smile:
I upgraded from Cubase AI to Elements today and I cannot find where the Arranger is after looking for hours - has anybody else had this issue?
many thnx,

The Arranger window is the main, Project window. Perhaps you mean something else?

If you mean the Arranger Track, you have to insert it like an audio or MIDI track.

thanks for your replies, definately not in any drop down menus, when Cubase starts up it’s still saying Cubase AI - maybe it dosen’t automatically replace AI with Elements when upgrading?

I’ve never had those versions of Cubase, but, if it’s like its big brother, Elements is its own app. Clicking the old icon will only launch AI again. Look for a newer Cubase icon.

See if Elements has whatever it was you were looking for. If not, let us know. :slight_smile:

got it sorted, here’s how it works: even though you’ve installed Elements it will still come up with AI until you register the new activation code with the eLicence Control Centre, once I did that,a few seconds later clicked on the same shortcut , bingo!

Ah ha!