The Assault - Battlefield 3/Assault Horizon/Gears of War

Hello All

This is my first post.

Here is a trailer I made mashing up various video game trailers. The track was made using Cubase 6 with Vienna Symphonic Library and Omnishpere. Hope you enjoy it.

You can also check out my channel here:

Most of the music on my channel was made with Cubase (some with Logic).


Nice large sound canvas but the violins at the start sound fake, which they are of course. Not sure how to solve that, maybe layer them some more and add a bit more room/delay? Good score though, nice work :sunglasses:

Hello Filter

Thanks for taking a listen. I actually wanted a more sythetic sound on the strings. I orignally composed the piece for Sci-fi project that never came to be, so I went with a more sythy string sound. I usually use LA Scoring Strings when I want to try and go all authintic :wink: .

Thanks for the listen.