The Audio Dropout Fiasco

The audio dropout fiasco…

When adding new instruments : audio dropout
When adding new fx : audio dropout
When adding new tracks : audio dropout
When adding audio from mediabay :audio dropout

When audio drops out->
: midi out to other synths playing glitches and loses its place
: the flow is interrupted
: fellow musicians are bamboozled
: not professional…
: generic reason

Is there any other DAW out there that has these dropouts?

Possible problem pinpointing:

  • Cubase is adjusting for PDC
  • Cubase is adjusting for track delay
  • The audio engine flow is not protected from interference

    Possible solutions:
  • Use smoothing -> keep the sound running and “smooth in” the added delay to the audio signal (a couple of milliseconds of drift can be ignored in this case)

    Do not forget to uphold:
  • Midi clock out stability & consistency
  • Internal midi clock stability & consistency
  • Internal audio engine stability & consistency

    Thank you for your solidarity.

Seems like you have a lot of audio dropouts.

This support page lists (3) KB articles (#1, 2, & 4) that might apply to the issue.✓&query=audio+dropout

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hi PRock=)

Ikr? :wink:

-> when I am talking about a “audio dropout” I mean that the audio flow gets disrupted for a few milliseconds, second or two or a few (depending on how much cpu/recources it uses to add the instrument or whatever… - if the system is already under a lot of strain it also adds to the dropout time )

Do you not experience this? Can you add tracks/instruments etc while maintaining a constant audio signal?

thanks for your input=)

At this time I really do not have any audio dropouts. Maybe because my projects are typically only 20 to 25 tracks. Approximately (12) or so instrument tracks and (12) audio tracks. Each track will have at least (1) but up to (3) VSTs inserted.

I rarely add a track or insert a VST whilst playing back a project. I suppose, if I did, I would get a very short audio disruption. No timing related issues though. But again, I don’t typically do that in my normal workflow. I do change VST sounds during playback though and I do not get any noticeable audio issue.

I used to have some minor audio dropout issues a few years ago but, I did these few things and now… I have none (with my workflow).

  1. I removed the RealTek HD audio driver from my Mobo. I kept the other RealTek audio driver to be able to hear regular PC sounds. Like YouTube, PC system sounds, etc.
  2. I disabled the integrated Intel graphics that was on my Mobo.
  3. I always keep my Mobo bios, chipset drivers, USB, and whatever else is offered up to date (except for the audio and graphics related stuff).
  4. I always keep the video driver for my Nvidia graphics card updated. But, I always do a “Custom Installation” and a “Clean Install” choosing only the graphics driver. I always uncheck all of the other items offered. Like the audio driver, 3d graphics, etc.

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I dont get dropouts when changin vst sounds either…
this only happens when adding new things… ( or removing them ) - like you would too…

my workflow everytime: start from scratch… i have no templates or whatever… -
Hence , I add things when the sound is playing…

…and i dont really mind it here in the studio when i am alone… but when I am somewhere else and the sound should flow and the signal should be consistent… well… thats another story…

dont get me wrong, once its up and running, its ok… sounds great yaddayaddayadda… just until you have everything you need for the moment those dropouts are kinda unneccesary in todays day n age… If that were fixed (those dropouts that you would also have if you were to add things while the sound is playing) - cubase could be much more jammable and live worthy…

This audio disruption thing has been around since I can remember… no matter what system… All I am saying that maaaybe…just maaaaybe this could be attempted to be stabilized…

p.s. your project number of tracks is around my load too - but not with at least 1 fx per channel;)

I herewith declare this a perma-bump topic. - for now…

Maybe someone from Steinberg could chime in and explain why exactly this is happening (what the mechanisms are that cause these dropouts)


Well there is some latency recalculation going on when adding plugins to the audio chain. Basically delaying playback a tiny bit to allow everything to be in sync again.
I don’t know how they ever will get around that, but it in an post some time ago it was said that Steinberg was working on exactly that. Not something for the near future, as there was some major inner workings that will have to change.
There is hope :slight_smile: