The audio export function has disappeared - MacOS Mojave

Hello people! The export audio function disappeared from Dorico 3 Pro, in any file I open looks like this, files that were created in Dorico 2 and that were created in 3, I’m using Mojave 10.14.4, I just formatted it from my Mac, I did A new installation, I installed Dorico and the problem continues, and I need to export some audios of some arrangements urgently. Please help me.

Please see this earlier thread. We are aware of this problem and we’re working with the eLicenser team on a solution. This is the main reason why Dorico is not yet supported on Catalina, but unfortunately we are finding that a handful of users are experiencing the same problem on Mojave.

Thank you, Daniel! I saw another post, I thought it was because the other user was using Calatina and I saw people commenting there that in Mojave everything was normal, I commented there about my problem with Mojave, but as I got no answer, I decided to create this post, to see if anyone helps me because I really need to export the audio from my arrangements. Thanks again and hope you can solve the problem soon!

Unfortunately the only workaround we know of at the moment is to use the USB-eLicenser instead of the Soft-eLicenser, but please don’t transfer your license to a USB-eLicenser just to get around this problem, as it’s a one-way trip. We are working on it urgently and will have more information soon.

I can only wait because a usb-elicenser here in Brazil is very expensive and would take several days or week to get to my house. Thank you, Daniel, for answering me.

Daniel, please take a look at this picture, as I really need to export the audio from my arrangements, I do a system dawngrade, install Dorico and look at that, the problem continues, even on MacOs Sierra, now I start thinking that problem may be with my license.

Fredson, I tried to contact you by private message last week about this issue but got no reply. If you download and install Dorico 3.0.10 you should find that you can once again export audio. Please let me know if you don’t find that to be the case!