The Avengers 2012 Cinematic Trailer Score

Hello Stienberg Fam

I just posted a new vid to my Youtube account. I used Cubase to compose a cinematic trailer score for The Avengers 2012. I did not use the video fetures in Cubase. I prerefer to focus on the composition then cut the video to match latter. Take a look/listen and let me know what you think.

SAmple Librares used: LA Scoring Strings, Vienna Dimension Brass (WOW!), Vienne Instruments Special Edition, EWQL Ministry of Rock, Custom Drum SAmples in NI Battery.

The composition itself seems very appropriate and nicely arranged. Good job! :slight_smile: I thought your mix however was somewhat cold and brash sounding to be honest :confused: I recall from past orchestral stuff I’ve done that I often ended up pulling out quite a bit around 3-4kHz with a low-Q EQ.


Yes, nice piece, it goes well with the video. I felt like the mix could’ve used more bass though, especially as movie trailers usually go with silly explosions etc, this didn’t quite tremble enough in my opinion.

You are dead on about the 3-4Khz cut. I just played with it and I see exactly what you mean especially when the guitars come in. Unfortunately Youtube won’t let me replace the vid so I stuck there. I will put that note in my pocket for future compositions. Thanx

I though real hard about adding some EWQL StormDrum 2 hits but I wanted the brass arrangement to shine to shine. I guess I should be less pretentious and “give the people what they want” :laughing: More BOOM to fit the genre. Spot on!