The Beat Calculator issue is not yet solved

Let’s go back to 80’s and use the pocket calculator :grin:
(Amount of beats of selection * 60) / Duration of selection = BPM

You’ll have to count the beats.
The duration of the selection can be read if the ruler is switched to Seconds.

Yes, we’re back to manual. Only the tears are real.

Damn, I was choosing Cubase for years because of the features this program had over the rest of the DAWs on the market. ONE of them was actual way of defining the tempo of a project just simply by tapping it with a spacebar, NOT changing the project tempo. And now Steinberg ignores the votes for the return of the Beat Calculator, thought this is one of the most necessary features - to actually detect tempo of a project, when you receive it in multitrack. The other thing about the inserts in Inspector. Damn, I have no excuse for that. Why not just add an OPTION to CHOOSE as it was given in the mixer window. For those who want 1 god damn insert and a whole empty window - let 'em choose the option, but the way it works now is just awful. I could swallow the design… I can really try to take it as it is now, though it is ugly as ****, but why removing the features that worked properly?