The beginning of the audio file still won't play

The beginning of the audio file still won’t play

Thanks for the new update. solved several problems. But there is one more very disturbing thing that has been left out. The first sound (such as a click or drum loop) of audio files played in a sequence sometimes does not play. It’s completely random. In another case, it will play, but much quieter and only one side of the stereo. I wonder why?

Hi @Soundhunter ,

Although it’s your business, how you do this, and there is something happening….
As a user I did the same Click track usage (just in one piece instead of Copy/paste bars.

And I dropped the idea already, and suggesting to you the same also!!!

VSTLive has a lovely Metronome with additional precount. That makes things so predictable and handy, it’s better, much better to use them (booth or separated or anyhow)

Hi fkalmus,
Thank you for the advices! We use both other solutions. But there are times when you need to make a change: mute or change some beats. We also use drum loops, where it is also important to play the beat several times. So it is not always good if the track is in one piece.

That doesn’t sound right. If the audio file you use for the click is sufficiently small, could you “Save as archive” and send it over? Used the same technique many times w/o problems, so we would like to sort this out, thanks!

Hi Musicullum! I emailed it to Michael.

Thanks, got it and can reproduce it, weird. Will report.

Thank you for fixing the error so quickly!