The best features aren't always sexy.

Workflow aside (each DAW has it’s own strengths and each user has their own preferences), I feel Cubase has the richest feature set and covers more bases than any other audio program. But… there are glaring issues that still prevent Cubase from being MY all-in-one solution.

1. Inability to reorder Mixconsole tracks independently from the Arrange window.
Everyone wants this, and they’ve wanted it forever.

2. No Mixconsole Undo.
Make it optional, make it separate from the arrange window undo, make it happen.
3. Nasty Mixconsole GUI.
Improve visual track separation in the fader section, find an answer to the hover button issues most everyone hates. Maybe even strive for some visual consistency between the different windows/features. Call me crazy.

4. Mouse scrolling in Mixconsole changes parameters.
Just make it an option you can turn on/off. I understand some people might dig that workflow, but for me it’s a deal breaker when it’s combined with the lack of mixer undo. I’d rather be able to just scroll through the tracks fearlessly without the threat of changing any values. If there’s already a way to do this, please let me know.

5. No multi-track audio warp in the Arrange window.
In addition to the sample editor, add the ability to make edits directly to the audio regions. This makes time correction edits across tracks so much easier.

  1. Stereo to mono tracks and vice versa.
    Generally super useful.

Cubase is already great, but it could be even better - at least for me. Now that these ground breaking ideas have been unleashed on the world, I fully expect Steinberg to implement all of these changes by the next update. :wink: Cheers.

i agree. all of the above have been requested. maybe there will be more momentum if you bump those threads so it’s obvious more people are requesting the same things.

Yessir. I have and will continue to. I figure every little bit of nagging helps.

+1 to all above.

+1 to all above

I think most would agree that these ARE the sexy features.

I agree with all the above too! In addition, being able to adjust warp points from project view would be EXTREMELY useful… maybe I should post another thread requesting that so it gets seen hmm…

especially #1…O.K. and #2…for that matter #3, #4, and number 6 are…O.K. all of 'em. Excellent! :laughing:

Maybe in the form of some “in-place editor” thing, but for audio! Just sayin’…
Other than that:

+1 to all of them!


Yep, +1 to all that (except for the bit that you’re crazy).

Perhaps the accidental changing of values when scrolling the mix console could be easily averted by making it Ctrl-scroll to change values here.

I’ll add to #1…ability to also add/re-order Group Channels and have that order reflected everywhere in the project including in the mix window.

I have to say, no, none of these interest me. So -1. Get Efficient Midi Editors. Efficient = Fast. That’s my ticket.


agree for all
and the arranger window can really be improve !!

cf my post :

+1 to every single one of these!

I would like to see the option to take away the “Mac Mode” window behavior on Windows, It’s just dumb and spits in the face of Windows UI design.

Mixer is also nasty.

Also the Expression Map and Arranger Track seem half baked. I expected them to evolve but now I fear they consider it finished. A pattern seems to be they set a goal and move on to the next thing so they can put more new things in the ads for the next upgrade.

More I use cubase more I start to be tired !

i think the developers don’t use the program in studio situation , there is a lot a bugs and problems and they continue to develop new bling bling Aplications .

Go to the fundamentals !!

  • general Edit ,
  • arranger view ,
  • reamping multitrack ,
  • preset tracks Fx don’t works ,
  • multi mono plugins ( this function is used by most of the best mixer like Dave pensado , but still not in cubase … )
  • Edit group folder track is cool for cleaning the session but for edit it’s very bad compared to edit group in protools
  • multritrack warp , in the arranger window .

---- And many many other , do something !!

Stop thinking the workflow for recording studio is good in cubase ,
Do the test 1 protools expret 1 cubase expert 1 day working on studio in edit and mix aplication .
protools win 100 %

I don’t like avid policy that’s why i bought cubase

you do crosscrade for protools , but try to do something for compete prootols in terms of woorkflow

Hi aklipopo, sorry to say it but the way you describe your requests the way they will react - they will ‘do something’ and there are chances you won’t like it again.

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