The best VST for dance/electro music leads?

I bought Nexus 2 but still yet to install and check it all out.

Could someone suggest another good trance music lead synthesiser for me?

And the Cubase|Artist 7 question is…?

This is to do with my Cubase 7 :slight_smile:

try posting in the vst section for a response

Sylenth1, LuSH-101, Synthmaster and this (look at the unison video):

I quite like Predator and of course Massive is brilliant

"the Best" is relative

While NEXUS 2 is a nice rompler many like to use Sylenth and Massive to create ther own sounds.
Also, I use a Virus C and Virus Ti that is absolutely brilliant for electro music… :nerd:

There are several synths that suits. I would recommend looking into:
Massive by Native Instruments
Omnisphere by Spectrasonics
Cyclop by Sugarbyte

On the cheaper side you can look at
Dune by Synapse (not 64 bit on mac yet)

I also like most of Native Instruments synths, so if you go for KOMPLETE you will have a whole set of synths. For many of them you will find usable patches on the net too to save time on programming by yourself. Patches can be bought and can also be found for free. Have a look at Pluginguru patches for Massive, Absynth Razor and Omnisphere.

If I were forced to spend the rest of my life with only one soft synth the choice would be Omnisphere - NO doubt.


Zebra is awesome, you can use it for so many different sounds. Cant go wrong with the other U-he stuff either. Fabfilter twin and vember audio surge are really good for crazy modulation type stuff. Since you have cubase why dont you check out retrologue. I think its pretty dope

pick up a magazine. Computer Mag (CM) has a “top 10 Vst Synths” issue just recently.

if you cant find it, go buy it on ibooks.

Yeah I’m with NI Massive and not forgetting NI FM8. You can’t go wrong with these synths by your side