The best VST for dance/electro music leads?

I bought Nexus 2 but still yet to install and check it all out.

Could someone suggest another good trance music lead synthesiser for me?

the usual suspects, Sylenth1 and Massive will probably cover your requirements

That looks neat! I will have to give them a try, thanks!

Synthmaster 2.5:

D16 LuSH-101:

Reveal Sound Spire (out in February 2013):

Massive and Sylenth1 are very good as well (I have them too). But I like Synthmaster and LuSH a bit more.

From the previews on Soundcloud, YouTube, etc. tone2 Electra, U-HE Zebra and Dune 2 might be a good choice! Some guys I know swear on Rob Papen Predator!

I second Native instruments massive. also check out u-he ACE and cakewalk z3ta2. all complex synths… Ed

Nexus, Massive, Sylenth as already stated.
But honestly, I wouldn’t trade my Virus C or Virus Ti for any of those.
Also, Spire is getting much accolades …Yes, I’ve used all of em …