The BEST WAY to drop VOL on all tracks

Duh, you’re absolutely correct. Had a brain fart moment there.


You might also want to see VCA Faders In Nuendo in this thread:

Excuse my ignorance … but as an old guy, for me: VCA = Voltage Controlled Amplifier. In the world I grew up VCA fader ment fader controlling voltage sent to voltage controlled amplifier (signal not passing through physical fader) … which made possible to have automation without having motors on faders (bloody expensive back then) but at the same time reducing the quality of your signal. But with DAWs we are not having that kind of problems anymore: our signal isn’t physically going through the faders we see on computer screen.

So what are these new VCA faders?

VCA Faders used to be an exclusive feature of Pro Tools HD. However, after Pro Tools 9 came out, it became available to all Pro Tools users. Here’s a video explaining them:

Hi Tommi, I’ve searched the whole net for VCA possibilities in Cubase and finally I found… these two plugins.

    Only restriction is that you can only link 4 groups together. Other than that great plug.
    Big advantage is if you do automation you have only one fader to be able to edit all the others too.
    And it’s freeware!!!

My tip on that is, insert one into insert slot 7 or 8 and then press the desired group button A, B, C or D and then copy this plug to all the faders which you want to group. Done.

    The other one is faderworks from Vertex. Costs 99 Euros but let’s you group up to 32 groups together and (that’s a cool feature) let’s you have instances which means a group can control another group and so on.

    Both have a midi feature which let’s you control stuff with one midi fader. But haven’t tried that so far.
    Hope that helps. :smiley:

Wouldn’t it be much easier to simply route tracks to a Group Channel Bus and then link all faders? For example, in an empty project, create 4 Audio Tracks and route their outputs to a Group Channel track. Select and link everything, done! Now you can move any fader and control their volumes together, or press and hold ‘Alt’ to temporarily override the link. Mute, Solo, Monitor & Record will also be linked, though the other controls won’t (i.e. Automation Read/Write, Bypass Sends/Inserts, etc). You won’t have to give up Insert slots either :slight_smile:

The problem I see in Cubase is not that we don’t have VCA groups, but that we are not able to freely arrange and route different track types. This is one of the biggest features that’s missing in Cubase. Also, I want to be able to choose if Group/FX tracks will be contained in folders or not, just like I can with Audio and MIDI tracks. Same deal with VST Tracks. I don’t like all the folder mumbo jumbo that’s automatically created with these. All we need is a folder with an Audio and a MIDI track, that’s it (no VST Instrument folder or the other track that’s automatically created with it).

Steinberg, please give us a free routing system, that’s what we need!

P.S. We went a bit OT, didn’t we? lol

What if you got Volume Automation on only some of the linked tracks?

Try then to lower the overall volume of the group and keep in mind that you might have a large amount of channels.
When I work with real drums I have 30+ channels.(Parallel comp, Samples etc.)


LOL, I read the thread title and said, “Umm… lower the master fader”. :smiley:


Simple, press and hold ‘Alt’ to override the link on the Drum Group Channel to adjust the overall volume level. If you also happen to have automation on the Drum Group Channel, then use the Trim function to change its volume.