The Big Bang

Hello, World!

Hello HowlingULF!



Thanks, looksa cooool in here! kind of like the old 98-05 color scheme but with new functionality! :sunglasses:

I feel odd

Like tiptoeing around someone else’s house!

Yes, but it will getting better after a while :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!
(just dipping my toe in the water :wink: )

EDIT: O.K. so, already, I need to edit my Profile, but, even though th eUser Control Panel says I can do so from there, I don’t see any option for editing one’s profile :confused:

I don’t see that in the user control panel. The profile can be edited in MySteinberg. If there’s something strange we overlooked, let us know!

Hi, Ed,
(good pretext to test uploading a screenshot :wink: ) …

The “Front” Page states that we can view, and edit, our Profile. Surely there should, in that case, be an option, “Manage Profile”?
Yes, I can modify my personal data in MySteinberg, but that is not the same as the Forum Profile (I want to edit my signature)

First things first:


We should edit this. Thanks!

But again, even the signature has to be edited on the forum page of your MySteinberg account.

Thanks Ed,
I eventually found it… have to go MySteinberg>Forum, which then opens the Forum Profile.

(btw, I was hoping that the new forum would take care of the dreadful server problems we have been having for the past couple of months, but it does seem as bad as ever (“failed to open page” etc.)

The Atom

Greetings everyone! (From the artist formerly known as Hurican).

Maybe I’ll put that in my sig temporarily. I think I want to create an image for my sig. That way I can get everything in there that I need to, without being crazy big… Do you think that will work?

Am i late?
Greetings everyone. :smiley:

We removed the “profile” part from the description text.

The server is a whole different topic as it affects the whole website. We are currently searching and identifying issues with our servers and Typo3 and already found some. We are also discussing upgrading the server hardware in general but this wouldn’t make any sense it there’s something wrong on the software side we need to find and fix first.

WOOHOO! made it here!
Hey it wouldn’t be steinberg if there weren’t just a few bugs in there now would it he he :laughing:

Hello everyone!

I think I like it.
I’ll be ok, I guess, as long as the clientele remains the same.


We’d like BBcode back in the signature box! :wink: :smiley: :nerd:

Nice format with avatars on the right.

Makes it easier hopefully to avoid reading unwanted or unwarranted posts (whichever the case)

no bbcode in signatures please