the BIG LOVE Cubase 6 thread


Heya. I just love C6. Just had to make a thread like this, and hopefully, will be filled with fellow users!

I am running 6.0.2, works great, no crashes, über fast and intuitive work possibilities. All on 64 bit Win7 with an SSD drive (Agility 3) and fast quadcore CPU with, yes yes, 16gb RAM!

I make the most coolest things with C6 which was not possible with C4, which I had before. C4 sucked big time with my previous setup, upgraded to 6, all solved, THANKS!

Let me say it again. I love Cubase 6!

yup C6 rocks

Simply the best,nuff said.

can fairly say that there has never in the recording industry EVER been anything like this before !

stable ,remarkable and im just glad steiny are investing into midi still and hope that the outboard manufactures catch up and play ball with note expression !

the only thing i can pick fault with is the transparency (but hopefully "touch wood"that is close to sorted ) ,for which i work in 5.3 and then EQ add fx and polish in c6 .

looking forward to the next 20 years to see what is instore for midi !

cubase c6 is like marmite , you either love it or … and i LOVE ITTTTT ! :smiley: :smiley:


Yeah, just finished a R&B Track last Night. 120+ tracks, lots VSTis, many plugins.
My Macbook was really on its limits…
Guess what, no single crash! C6 performs amazingly solid.


C6 rocks for me also !

Steinberg was my first music software back in the “Amiga 80’s” … and it still is my GO-TO software even today !

Still works for me !

I am very VERY impressed by the fact that I can change my metronome into a cowbell !

I think you need a tiny bit more cowbell :wink:


One and a half months running 6.0.2 and only one crash not due to Cubase fault.

As far as stability is concerned 6.0.2 is without a doubt the best Cubase I ever used. My first one was Cubase for Windows (1992?).

Obviously I’m not going to compare their features. I remember when I first recorded on a four tracks tape (Middle Age?).

Is there a such thing as too much cow bell?

A big +1 here too! I was a little nervous when I went from 6 to 6.0.2 but it has been absolutely rock solid :sunglasses:

Now that you all mention it. I have had a total of ZERO crashes or freezes from Cubase 6 !

I had completely forgotten what it was like to crash and lose the last 30 minutes of great ideas! NIIICE

Totaly agree. Best cubase ever, imo.

Haha! Cute Cow from Schwizerland. Gigantic Cowbell!!! (Ok. Of the topic).

It’s always nice to say something nice so…


Thank you. :sunglasses:

signed :wink:

when the drummer is blinking with the click then it’s probably loud enough :laughing:

Version 6.0.3…it just gets better and better! :smiley:

Agreed!!! Having the grid overlays and translucent events rule!!! Drum editing 12 metal songs in 3 days with color instead of black and white (old transparent events) was worth the wait for the 6.0.3 update. Now all Steiney needs to do is incorporate audio warp to grouped tracks and they’re smoke pro tools! I keep dreaming about it! hahaha