The Blacklist wisdom thread

Hopefully a thread to share wisdom about C9 blacklisted plugins.

Testing C9 Elements on a Macbook Pro, still not sure if I want to jump on the main W10 rig. I had a lot of blacklisted plugins from iZotope and Native Instruments.

Native Instruments - SOLVED

The following VST2 plugins were all blacklisted

Solid Bus Comp.vst
Solid EQ.vst
Supercharger GT.vst
Vari Comp.vst
VC 160.vst
VC 2A.vst
VC 76.vst

Looks like I hadn’t updated these from their original Komplete 10 installation. I updated them all via NI Service Center, manaully rescanned and then they were all removed from the blacklist.


I read that some particular named versions of iZotope plugs get blacklisted, but I had them all blacklisted. Here’s a summary, all with full name (excepting the many variations eg iZotope Oxone 7 maximizer.vst3):


iZotope Alloy 2.vst3
iZotope Nectar 2.vst3 + 2 variations
iZotope Ozone 7.vst3 + 10 variations
iZotope RX4.vst3 (9 modules)
iZotope RX5.vst3 (9 modules)


iZotope Alloy 2.vst
iZotope Nectar 2.vst + 2 variations
iZotope Ozone 7.vst + 10 variations
iZotope RX4.vst (9 modules)
iZotope RX5.vst (9 modules)

I then updated everything to the latest versions from the iZotope website, and added Neutron. On relaunching, almost everything was re-added to the blacklist, with the exception of Neutron. These are the iZotope plugins I have that passed:

Meter Tap
Trash 2
Vocal Synth
Neutron Advanced (and components)

Grateful for ideas as to what to do here. Looks like others have installed many of these ok. I’m on Elements 9.01, OSX 10.11.4.

@noiseboyuk: you can reactivate the iZotope plugins on OSX. They are blacklisted because of the OSX bug described here:
We are in contact with iZotope…

Thanks Eric for the quick reply, very useful. So I take it from that link that these plugins would currrently be potentially unstable on ANY version of Cubase, not just 9?

Hi, yes, blacklisted plug-ins will be unstable in any version of Cubase. The difference is that now you know :slight_smile:

The OS X bug Eric linked affected quite a few plug-ins and was the trigger for crashes we at support though being caused by graphics and OpenGL tasks (many crashes occurred during menu access, GUI resizing), but in the end it turned out to be that one. Let me say that Development did a really great job here.

I have the problem that some of my most loved and necessary plugs were blacklisted.
Play from EastWest and HALion both were considered for blacklisting when Cubase started up the first time. For HALion, I just didn’t do anything while C9 started up the first time, and it loaded fine. EW Play had to be manually removed from the blacklist.

Seems sitting tight the first time Cubase 9 starts is a good idea. FWIW, none of the plugs seem to have given me any trouble, it’s just that Cubase was impatient or something.

PLAY is known, please see here:

Which version of HALion exactly?

Why can’t we just deactivate the Blacklist,it causing us more problems, than it resolves
Tired of spending time to find work arounds, when i could be working…
So Basically you Steinberg created a issue …

Sorry, but it does exactly what it is designed to do, and does it well. You can simply reactivate the blacklisted plugins as described in the article, at your risk.

Seriously, a user has an issue with your product and that’s the wisdom you give them. This is the very reason I use this product less and less going forward. Your on your own when updates come out and in most case it seems to be the case on most problems. I love Cubase, but the stability for me over the past couple of releases has been dismal at best. I’m finding myself reaching for another daw I use because of its consistency and there tech support actually gives support.

I’m having the same issue with izotopes neutron in Cubase 9. My solution will be to use my other DAW since it seems to be working in there as expected. I’ll keep checking izotopes to an update or even Cubase( although I don’t expect anything help from you guys). If to much time passes, I’ll just drop Cubase from my work flow. Because of stability of the past releases I rarely use it now anyway. I was so hoping 9 would get me back on track… not a good start.

Maybe in month I’ll circle back around to Cubase and try it one LAST TIME.

Wow stability issues in former versions, and then complaining that faulty plugins were Black listed.
Just wow…

Fabio, I don’t think that link will be very helpful to me. I’m on windows 10, not mac.

You mean this?
This one is for Windows.

Just had a reply from iZotope regarding their blacklisted plugs:

Recently Steinberg released Cubase 9 which includes a new feature called Plug-in Sentinel. Plug-in Sentinel scans all VST plug-ins on start-up and can “blacklist” plug-ins that may experience issues with performance and functionality. As a result, we have learned that many iZotope plug-ins become “blacklisted” when Cubase 9 is run on OS X 10.11 and earlier.

If you are using Cubase 9 on OS X 10.11 or earlier and encounter this issue, the only work-around presently available is to update to OS X 10.12 Sierra. We apologize for any inconvenience, please see this article for more details:

Thanks for reaching out and for your support.

An unacceptably poor reply imo, which is what I told them.

Someone or Steinberg themselves should start a thread named similarly to: ‘The Reason Cubase Does Not Work Well On Your System With Your Outdated Plugins’…

There would be much to talk about there.

Moan at the plugin developers who are failing basic unit testing. These issues are on them, not Steinberg.


I can only assume that the creators of VST are not going out of their way to make problems for their flagship software incompatible with software companies. That just does not make sense. Just because a VST works without issue in another DAW does not mean it is not flawed. Cubase has way more features than most so it is likely to have more issues for the user that use poorly written or non updated plugs.

You wouldn’t put used free tires on a Ferrari…

When I first ran C9 I was concerned at a number of plugins that were blacklisted. But when I investigated the VST3 versions of the plugins were active. All the waves 2,4 versions were blacklisted. I am currently working without issues at the moment. I must admit that I have abandoned all of my 32 bit plugins quite a while ago.

I also had a number of plugs blacklisted. But they were mostly old Kontakt dll’s and the known Replika one that caused issues for many.

All my third party plugs from reputable sources (Waves, PSP, FabFiltr, iZotope, Celemony, Stillwell, Synchro Arts, Soundtoys, Boz Digital; have all passed and working fine.

Oh, and some old Maschine 2 things were blacklisted. Good to know as I forgot they were still on my system. I wonder how many plugs are messing with other Cubase users systems even when they are not using them? It could have effected mine.

Seems we should all appreciate the new Plug-in sentinel.


Native Instruments has new and friendlier tool than the Service Center for your updates.

You can find the new Native Access tool at