The Blackness

I don’t think I am going to be able to stay with N6 unless the whole colour shade of the new Mixer can be changed.

I find it very hard to see everything due to the blackness of the background (not helped by having so much crammed in with very small fonts and overlaying options). This is particularly true in all of the Rack sections.

The Mixer does have some great new features (Channel Strip, EQ Position, track list on the left), but it is all too hard to see.

I’ve just gone back to have a look at N5.5.5 and it was a relief to be able to see everything clearly, due to the light grey background, larger fonts and uncluttered feature display - what was wrong with that?

I will stay with N6, but the black mix console does not help me at all. It is distracts me from the work at hand.I’m getting used to the new functionality (slowly). Please allow us to change the color scheme there in preferences, like we can with the project window.

I too would prefer a different hue in the mixer. Preferably we’d be able to set it ourselves. But if not, simply make it less dark.



we understand the request. Thanks for your engagement.


Thanks Timo,

It will be a great relief if v6.0.3 solves these colour issues.


the colorizing option for the mix console has disappeared in 6.03 ! seems as if we have to live with the blackness…

So 6.0.3 does not resolve the blackness issues? :frowning:

What does it do?

for me it is worse: less contrast between the greyish background and the grey font color…
Steinberg please take a look at Adobe cs 6 colorscheme: this is how a dark GUI should look like !!!

Funny you mention Adobe CS6. Right after I installed N6 I compared it to Adobe CS6, as I use that a lot and the dark colors and contrast in the GUI don’t bother me at all. I was thinking if they give us the option to customize the mixer I will model the colors after CS6


it couldn’t be considered for 6.0.3.


So 6.0.4. then?