The blinking Mixer.

Since I’ve now bought into this N6.5 update I have been determined to try and use it, but although there are apparently some good new features (the only one I use, and actually like, is the Track Visibility stuff on the Project page - so well done there Steinberg) I find the MixConsole very frustrating to use. Amazingly, N6.5 provided no changes whatsoever to the mixer, and the hindrances to good workflow introduced in N6.bla.bla have not gone away with N6.5.

I really dislike the whole Rack click-fest, and why are the facilities for copying or moving effects from slot-blob to slot-blob not standardized across all rack types?

Why is it necessary to display ‘No Effect’ in every unused slot when just moving the cursor across the screen? - Here’s a tip - get rid of it - we can see a slot is empty, and guess what - it involves less programming to display nothing.

And can we please have the slot numbers back? - Who on Earth thought it a good idea to remove something that we have all been used to for years (something that really helped the workflow) and replace it with - Nothing?! - We all know that often less is more, but in this case less is just a load of non-specific black blobs!

I am aware that these issues have been aired before, but perhaps it is time to reiterate them to keep Steinberg aware that the idea of hiding regularly used information can in no way be considered better than displaying information where the users expect to find it.

I’m going to have a lie down now.

You might have guessed …

I still work in N5.x just because of the douchey layout and labelling like the earlier mentioned
dark gray on light gray letters, missing slot numbers, etc.

There is not a single day (if I actually touch N6.X ) when I don’t feel peed off because of this dreaded mixer in N6.x …

Please ! bring us back a clear and easy to use mixer surface. Nuendo deserves it! We deserve it!
If you have forgotten how this can look, install N5 and make a snapshot of it …

Big K

Been nagging on about this since C7 release. Tired…thanks for helping out :slight_smile:

I have got quite a beating for it, over at the Cubase section. Clickfest galore (we need a Facepalm emoticon).

PS. And I “hate” the new Control Room. Tiny sliders and small meters, and no real faders, etc, etc…

I still work in Cubase 6.5 and Nuendo 5.5, because of the mixer and control room.

The clicking and hovering to see essential knobs, their satus, and basic info is so frustrating. Before we could sweep our eyes across the screen getting pretty much the same info at a glance.
With the click and hovering method you have to do it on every channel, one at a time, to get some of this info/status.

And the empty slots are… empty. We kinda get that (we need a Facepalm emoticon).

Even Microsoft ( we call it “Winzigweich” ) have reconsidered ( and probably do regret)
what they have done to Win 8.

SB, … who could feel offended by the (re-)introduction of more recognizable icons and lettering?
Hey, your users are getting older, too. Eyesight isn’t going to get any better …lol …
I hope, I see the day when I really want to use N6.x and its successors, again.
As it is now, it ends with the rashly bought and rarely used N6 version …

Big K ( 54, still kickin’…)


Amongst other, mostly ProTools-based stuff I’m mixing a film-score right now, and I thought this might be a good moment to grit my teeth and switch to Nuendo 6 for real work. … needless to say that I was literally forced to go back to 5.5.6 because the mixer is simply unbearable. :stuck_out_tongue: