The Blue Screen Of Death

Hi there,

I hope somebody can help me over here.

Recently I purchased a dedicated Audio PC for music production. It’s a very solid and fast PC that contain 32GB of ram, 256GB SSD main hard drive, 2 other hard drives(1tb and 2tb), Intel i7 4790.

I have it only a few days and always when I’m using Cubase 8 pro after a while the computer crashed and I received the blue screen of death error. Now it’s especially happen after open the external VST such as K-Station. I ran a virus check nothing is appear as well as disk check©. I am using Motu lite for all the midi organization.

My Cubase 8 is original and I installed the latest version of Cubase.

Please advise I am hopeless.


BSOD is often caused by a device driver. Is your Motu driver up to date?

Yes indeed

In the first line of the bluescreen you get an individual error message and a number. Note this down and google for it. Then you’ll find the reason for your blue screen. Usually it’s a hardware or a driver problem.

Depending on the type of crash, the windows system log might contain additional information too.

If you have a steinberg dmp file, you can analyze it with debugdiag tool from Microsoft
This will create a mht report which you can open with google chrome or IE

I, too, have a machine dedicated to sound production and was getting BSOD errors. :cry:

They errors seem to be corrected with the windows repair program from Tweaking dot com. Like you, all my scans show no virus or other system compromise problems. The “help” on correcting BSOD errors from Microsoft isn’t very helpful, but, thankfully, the Tweaking utility seems to work. The programming Gurus will have to figure it out and meanwhile we’ll have to find ways to work around it. Good luck.