The Brand and Model of a friendly peripheral MIDI controller?

HELP! Does anyone know the Brand and Model of a friendly peripheral MIDI controller that can be easily mapped on CubasePro12 with controllers capable of being easily programmed? The kind representatives at Steinberg could not make mine work. One suggested me to buy a MIDI controller that does not have MIDI IN and OUT ports, or if it has the MIDI ports to make sure that it has a USB-C port to hook into my computer.
I need at least 3 easily programmable sliders: 1 for volume, 1 for vibrato, and another one for crescendo/decrescendo effects.
If anyone out there uses one MIDI controller easy to map in CubasePro12, please let me know the BRAND and MODEL

BTW. I tried JL Cooper’s Fader Master Professional MIDI Automation Controller and the instruction booklet was difficult to follow and the phone listed in the back to acquire help was DISCONNECTED. And Steinberg support could not make it work, either!
Thanks for your advice.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

To me it sounds, you want to send plain MIDI data. In this case, you can use literally any MIDI Controller. All of them are integrated the very same way.

JL Cooper is DAW controller, which suppose to control Cubase (DAW) functions, not to send plain MIDI data.

Unfortunately, it was not “easy” for me as I had to spend few hours setting it up.

To connect my Akai MPD226 to MIDI remote I had to build new surface and map controls (there are bunch of videos on youtube how to do this).

I also had to make few changes in the hardware editor to create custom template and make sure that some of the buttons are in correct mode (switching some of the buttons from Toggle to Momentary).

But now everything works like a charm (customized buttons, pads, quick controls, transport buttons) and overall I am very happy with new MIDI remote feature.

But if you do not need Midi Remote/Quick Controls integration, then you can rely on MIDI CC.

To investigate MIDI issues, use “MIDI monitor” on any Instrument insert, it will show you all MIDI events from your controller - if it was connected correctly.


This is not, what is @Dennys_Fradera asking for. He doesn’t want to use MIDI Remote. He wants to send plain MIDI data.

This is where knowing a sales person you can trust at a music store comes in handy. They know the capabilities of a wide range of products and can have a conversation to figure out your specific needs and how that matches up to those products.

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What controller do you currently have?
If like Martin suspects, and I do as well, no “mapping” should be required. Typically you configure the controller to what MIDI CC each fader/knob sends and that should be it.