The built-in audio driver could not be loaded

My Cubase is at it again. This already happened once a few days ago, and the first time it did I trashed the prefs folder and it was working fine. Dunno why but it’s not working again :frowning: any ideas???

I’m using CPro 9.5.50 on MacOS Mojave with no interface connected.

EDIT: Ok, this is weird. No idea why but restarted Cubase for 5th time now and the it loaded the drivers just fine… huh??? why is this happening??


I had the very same issue with totally different application (Microsoft Teams) few days ago on macOS 10.14 (Mojave). :neutral_face:

I think I figured out the problem. Are you using an external monitor with your computer? I use an old 28" monitor with my iMac and every now and then I plug it off if, and when I do, my iMac asks me if I want to use the output of my external or iMac.


Yes, I’m using HDMi screen. When I start Cubase, it asks me, if I want to use the HDMi audio output. This could be linked.