The cache file for frozen instrument "*" could not be found. The instrument will be unfrozen

I have a track from 2019 whose frozen cache files aren’t being found.
In a recent iteration of the track the instruments were unfrozen and the Freeze files were deleted, however I have the original Freeze .wav files in an archive and I restored the original Freeze files - but am still getting the error message "The cache files for frozen instrument “…” could not be found. The instruments will be unfrozen…
Are “cache files” simply the Freeze folder .wav’s or something else?
Could only find 2 posts on this issue from 2013 and 2009 and those threads were never answered :frowning:

Yes. If you have Audio Files of the frozen Track’s output you could just use them on an Audio Track and remove the problematic Instrument Track. If I were doing it I’d make copies of the cache files and use those. I’d also recommend using File>Backup Project… to create a new entirely independent copy of the Project, and use that

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Thank you for this suggestion, it worked :slight_smile:
I had previously listened through the files in a media player and they were all silent… which I now realise is because they were all 64 bit float. I imported them into Cubase at 64 bit float and they were all good.