"The Captain"

Bleak and miserable…

We’re all onboard The Pequod and headed for Starbucks. :confused:
Add not sea but wind ‘n whalin’ noises. Thar she blows, etc.

Are you Kiltic blokes born with that accent or do you gotta work on it?

Don’t change a thing. It’s poifek. :wink:


P.S. the blog entry was almost as interesting as the song.

This would make a killer intro and outro to an epic metal tune. Nice work, Dave. I enjoyed it. :sunglasses:

Thanks Jet! Accent beaten into us (or me, at any rate) as kids. Repeated frying pans over the nut does things to your embouchement over time. :confused:

Go for it! :nerd: :open_mouth:

Hi Dave,

As you said on your page “it-is-what-it-is” but thats what I like about it, I really like the simplicity of it.
I would have probably tried adding lots of ‘bells and whistles’ to it but im glad you didnt, works as is! :slight_smile:
…and ill be another to add what a great guitar sound you got there!


Thanks sav!

Absolutely it-is-what-it-was. We all have songs we tangle with for months - lay seige to even - before we hammer it into submission and kick it, under muttered protest, into the world. But occasionally something falls with a thud on the carpet before us ready-made and with no servicable parts.

I think I should take the vocal down a couple of dB but I’m not sure I have the administrative privilages any more. :open_mouth:

I listened that song and I thought: wow, incredible song, got to learn that… :open_mouth: