The case of the disappearing warp marker

Hi folks. I’m in Cubase 12 and trying to fix up my crappy playing with warp markers. I’m fairly new to this process, and have run into something that is driving me nuts. I record my audio in, go to the Hitpoints section of the Sample Editor, edit my hitpoints accordingly, Select All and hit Create Warp Markers. It does the warp markers for the later parts of the audio file as expected, but the first four or so bars there aren’t any created, no yellow lines are present. If I go back to the Hitpoints menu, they’re there throughout, smiling away. I can add my own warp markers and quantize, but it’s a (admittedly small) hassle. This is happening in different projects, which is breaking my brain. Any suggestions?



Same here. With me it always seem to be the last 2 or 3 Warp Markers that are not being created.

I found a workaround that works for me.
First deactivate “Edit Hitpoints”. Not that easy though. I sometimes have to collapse the Hitpoint Menu and close and reopen the Editor window or something like that.
When you press “Create Warp Markers” while “Edit Hotpoints” is deactivated all the warp markers get created just fine.