The Channel Strip is Great


I’m a long time user of Cubase

The channel strip with eq, comp, limiter etc. on each track is such a big help to sculpt out the sound before even starting to add plugins, sometimes I don’t even have to add any plugins because the channel strip does such a good job.

Really like the Low and High Cut controls on the EQ because it closely matches how I start setting up a live show using a mix console.
It would be very awesome if you could solo a frequency by holding down a key, and also to have a undo feature on the eq and other strip controls.
I really like the choice of compressors in Standard, Tube and Vintage and the Tube and Tape Saturation.

Just to add again, it is great to have this default channel strip to get most of the heavy lifting done before adding any plugins.

Thank You Steinberg

I happily everagree with Calimans comments regards the Cubase Pro 10 channel strip.

Before CP 10 I hardly ever used channel strip, preferring to use either stock or purchased plugs in the insets, then I “discovered” channel strip!

The large number of presets means that I have a good starting point, and they cover all my needs, so save me a lot of time. Oh, and I think they sound better and are very CPU and processor friendly.

Well done and thanks Steinberg!!!

Jim B