The classic 24 to 25 fps post

Here again with the classic 24 to 25 conversion. I still can’t find a faster and dedicated way in Nuendo to do this, so I’d like to share workflows and open a feature request.

What I usually do is:

inport the mixed files or stems (and if needed consolidate them)
resample or timestretch
use the toggle time between musical and linear to transpose automations (if these are in the session)

is there any quicker approach to do this?
How do you do this?

Import mix and or stems to new tracks.
Apply “bounce-new files” (so there is no risk damaging stems or mix.
Apply Time Stretch. (Mpex Solo Musical works best) (on rare occasions Poly Musical)

Reset export locators => Export or Bounce to new master.
(Carefull, if you have processing stuff on the Master out, be sure to make another clean output)



Hi Fredo. Let me ask you a question referring this post.
MPEX is no available any more in N12 for silicon Apple Macs except you run under Rosetta?

I work on dubbing projects and MPEX is useful to synchronize dialogs to image. For me is the best algorithm but only available under Rosetta.

Am I missing something?


The fact that I am on WIndows.

Oh, great Fredo :sweat_smile:
But you, as maximum premium senior Nuendo expert :blush: have any idea if MPEX is going to ve developed to Apple Silicon?

For the rest I have no information whatsoever if/when Prosoniq is going to provide an update.