The Click is dropping out!!

Anyone know what would cause the click to randomly drop out for a beat or two? Its so annoying.

sync issues?

It’s a known issue for some. Try using your own audio file for the click or programming a MIDI track for the click. The MIDI click in Metronome Setup doesn’t remember it’s assignment.

I found out that the only way to make it work reliably is to use a MIDI click and assign it to a VSTi or an external MIDI instrument. I have this problem for quite a few years now.

Steinberg, can we get somebody to finally look into this? Please?

I was on SX3 for 5 years with no issues. I then went to cubase 5 and the click was fine. Now with C6 the click intermitantly drops out. SX3 and C5 work fine on the same PC, but not C6

My system:
i7 920 oc’d to 3.8ghz, 4 gig ram, XP32bit, ASUS mb, UAD-1 pci, RME 96/52

BTW, the new look of C6 is cool, but makes editing difficult. Cant wait til 6.03 comes out. For now, C6 isnt usable so I’m only using it to quantize drum sessions. All other work is done in C5.

Anyway, what could be causing this click drop out issue? Should I try calling Steinberg? I feel that my $500 product is broken…

Does anyone at Steinberg know about this issue?