the color af a waveform in the editor (mac)

Hi there…

I’ve just bought new copy of Cubase pro 10 (upgraded from cubase 8.5). One of the features I was curios about in Cubase 10 is the visual representation of each waveform in different color in the editor. However whatever I’m doing I’m not able to change the color of the waveform to any color. It’s just grey…
See it in attachment

Is this a bug or a feautre? :smiley:

I’m using iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) 3,8 GHz Intel Core i5, 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4, Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB with MacOS Sierra


This is the visual representation for the VariAudio before you Analyse the signal. Much more important is the “block”, the event, after the analyse, so the waveform is not very prominent here.

to be honest I don’t get you…could you explain yourself a bit clearer please? before you analyse the signal? what? how? where? anyways…there are colored waveforms in the editor in all the videos I saw and mine are always grey…so I assume it is a bug!?!



If you open Sample Editor > VariAudio, you get the view you attached. In the VariAudio tab click to Edit VariAudio. You get a picture with the ''blocks". which represents the notes. Like here. If you want to see the “common” waveform (like this), switch to other then VariAudio tab of the Sample Editor.

Hi…ok…I had to expand the sample editor to the new window, close the variaudio tab and then I had to minimaze the window to take the effect. Not the most intuitive to be honest, but it works. thanks for your assistance!


Why do you have to open the Sample Editor to a new window?

because vari audio tab was obviously set as a default view, that’s why i saw it as mono and in grey waveform. I had to expand the sample editor from bottom to the new window, then I had to close vari audio tab to see colored waveform, but that wasn’t enough. Then I had to colapse the window to be able to see the colored waveform in sample editor below. If I would not colapse the window but close it instead, the sample editor would go to the default settings (with vari audio tab opened) and I would not be able to see colored waveform…

btw. since then it always shows colored waveform in the sample editor below.


Are you aware, you can switch the tabs even in the Inspector when the editor is open in the Lower Zone? There are two Inspectors in fact. One is the Track Inspector and the second one is the Editor Inspector. You can switch them manually, but they also switch automatically. Once you click to the Lower Zone editor, the Editor Inspector is shown and you can switch the tabs here. You don’t have to open the editor in the window.

OK…I have found out how to change it even without opening the sample in the new window. After few hours of trying. All this only underlines the thing that this product is not user friendly or intuitive. There is literally nothing I would be looking forward in these releases since version 7.5. Only thing that changed my mind was a huge 50 percent discount! I really do think about switching to Ableton or even FL rocks lately.