The Coming Home Project

Hi there
Can someone of you help me finish this?

Anything: bass, keys, sax new vocals, lead guitar

I really like this song but I have come to the conclusion that I can not finish this in a good way all by my self.

Please help me finish this


Tune needs a heavy part. Keep waiting for it, but it never comes. That snare is pretty in your face obnoxious, too. Wish I had some time, was riffing some solos during playback but my plate’s fuller than full ATM. :sunglasses:

Here is the no voc thing:

BTW thanks for listening MashedMitten
All good to you!

Kim :slight_smile:

Kim, think outside the box!!!

Why try and turn it into something that sounds like a 1,000,000,000 other rock songs on the planet by doing all the obvious things to it.

Leave it as it is. In it’s bare form it’s actually really refreshing to listen to and it would spoil it to make it a more predictable artistic journey.

Just tidy up a few EQs and you’re done!! :slight_smile:

Hmm refreshing thoughts there Paul.
Really, but I think it is not quite done yet

Kim :slight_smile:

The lyric if anyone wants to have a go:

Vers 1:
I’ve been out on the road for ages,
I’ve been everywhere but home.
I’ve been roaming the country for money,
I’ve wasted so much time.
Vers 2:
I know I’ve earned my wages.
Seems like traveling’s become my life.
I’ve been spending my nights in hotels,
and my guitar’s getting more like a wife.

I’ve been working-like dog.
As the days turned to weeks then a month.
I’ve been lonely-I’ve been cold.
So I thought about coming home.
Vers 3:
You know this life it really makes you tired.
You can only keep it up for a while.
It’s so hard to keep up entertaining-
As you dive into the bottle just get away.
Mellomdel\Ref 2:
(I’ve) been a gypsy for so long.
And the only goal has been to move on.
I’ve been so restless, always on the run.
I need to find my way back home.
I’ve been out on the road- Singing the same old songs forever…
But they don’t mean a thing-If I don’t have you-by my side.
I’ve been living out needs-I’ve been able to check out my dreams.
But I want you to know-That I’ve missed you every single mile-
All of the time-And now I’m coming home…
Vers 1+Vers 2
I’ve been working-like dog.
As the days turned to weeks then a month.
I’ve been lonely-I’ve been cold.
So I thought about coming home…

have some willpower!!!


Your chance to have at least one song that breaks the mould :slight_smile:

Trying Paul.

Kim :slight_smile:

Heya Kim,

I’m hearing a bit of Jazz organy stuff, with a bit of click-stop on it and a bit of edge. Want me to play around with it a little?


Feel free

Kim :slight_smile:

At least you gotta have a bass part in the middle, I think. Don’t guess you really need any help with that!