The Control Room

Hi Chris, hi everybody…

I am wondering what the best solution for controlling the control room mixer including its many options with the cmc-series. Is that a deliberate omission NOT to have a special controller for this purpose?

I would love to see a dedicated controller for the output section of the cc-Mixer PLUS a software option to allow to use the fader-controllers (plus more) for the control room (studio) faders, etc.

Steinberg, what are your plans?

Thx, Ernst

Hello Elien,

That’s true, at the moment there isn’t a dedicated control room module.
We have that already on our feature request list. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any of the CMCs, but:

you can switch these to MIDI mode and setup a generic remote to remote control the control room with the CMCs?

Hi, yes, you can set up a generic remote and control it via midi.
So there is a workaround -not sexy and not too convincing, but… :slight_smile:

As to the post that this is on the feature request list :

PLEASE STeinberg, open your plans to the userbase. You can help us to invest at the right time in the right products. I would be extremely dissappointed to invest in a solution for the Control Room controlling and then find in a couple of weeks or months a dedicated solution that you offer :slight_smile:


I like your sense of humor. You should try being an Nuendo owner for a year or two…

As a Nuendo user, I do not find that funny :blush:

sarcasm, our friend…


Thankfully the Survey had a section for additional comments where I and I suppose others wrote a handful about this. :sunglasses:

Still… I dream of the next Nuendo update…