the Cubase freezer room

So got 7.0.6 and started using it on the projects that I’m working on in 6.5.4 ( all other versions of 7 just keep crashing ) now it just keeps freezing so I have to force a computer shutdown…same as crashing I suppose…so back to C6.5.4 which works perfectly with all my projects.
why do I keep updating I hear from the back of the room, because I keep thinking they’ve fixed it!!!

try working with C7 near fireplace or oven to unfreeze ? :wink:
seriously it’s awkward you can’t fix it… most systems are workable with C7 . i can tell u to check your system,contact steinberg support but you probably did already ?!

I know this is not helping, but in spite of these problems shadowfax, I’d say its sensible generally that one finishes projects off where they were started - at least you are able to do that…! :slight_smile:

So, what about when you’ve tried starting brand new projects in C7, any luck…?

Is there a relatively small 6.5.4 project that fails in C7, that you could submit to SB to examine…? Or, get on to their Support folk to set up a TeamViewer session, so they can ‘see’ your machine when this ‘freezing’ thing happens - maybe they’ll be able to analyse what’s occuring directly…

Also, what happens with new projects? Does it freeze as well ? Have you ever done a complete reinstall of you computer/Windows/Cubase?

Are you using any special VST plugins or effect or instruments?

Are the projects very big in size? Did you try 32-bit or 64-bit ? Maybe both ?

Did you update the drivers of your ASIO interface? Are you actually using your ASIO drivers?

I think you have something to do :wink:

Wow…didn’t really expect any answers…I’ve started new projects in 7.0.6 and still get the freezing thing,
regarding the asio thing I’m using a Yamaha n8 with the latest drivers so assuming thats ok.
my projects absoloutley never have more than 15 to 20 tracks with nothing particularly weird in the vst dept…
a complete re install of my computer scares the hell out of me!!! I’m not a tekky…

I haven’t pursued anything regarding this problem because I can go back to 6.5.4 which gives me no problems at all…none …music comes first for me so I just get on with it on 6.5.4

thanks for your interest in this…really didn’t expect any, was just sorta venting my frustration…reckon I’ll be staying with 6.5.4 forever…Kevin

The fact that you want to vent, tells me you are annoyed by it.

Of course, it’s okay if you are happy with 6.5.4, but you might ‘need’ to switch someday and you’ll be in the same shizzle you are in now.

I’d advise you to find someone who can help you and do a reinstall of Windows and both Cubases. I think it’s just a bug somewhere in Windows itself. Or maybe a wrong update of Cubase.

How about firmware version?

Did you move C6 prefs before installing C7? VST2 plug below a certain version are no longer supported.

well…all the help coming at me is restoring my faith in human nature…can’t thank you enough !!!

the preferences thing…never done anything with them, didn’t know I should move them, by this do you mean delete and re do?

How can I do a wrong update of Cubase ?

firmware version of what…the Yamaha ? the drivers and stuff I have are the only ones I can get since I believe they have stopped support…

I only use the 32 bit version so’s I can use the vst’s that I have, tried the j bridge thing and got into allsorts of hassle…

This is the US support page for the N8, so I don’t know if it’s correct for your device and with anything firmware related there are risks.

Also, the firewire (1394) interface of the computer can also play a role.

No, just temp re-name or move before installing newer version. If not, trashing C7’s would be the thing to do.

Had a look at that page artguy and I’m up to date so ok there…thanks

nwp…gonna look at the manual and see how to trash the prefs…thanks

cheers, guys