The Cubase program menu is STILL missing???

Am I missing something? Yes, I am! I’m missing the menu at the top of Cubase since I guess version 8.0.0 and I’m now on 8.5.15 on a new computer and OS, still the same problem!!! Well, the menu is not GONE but it’s invisible so if you know where to click you can use it anyways but this is getting ridiculous. Why is this still a thing?

It’s an intermittent problem so today I opened Cubase and the menu was invisible but when I checked exactly what version I had installed in the menu > help > about screen of course it has to be visible just to rub it in haha …

Is there a method to the madness so you can unhide the menu by doing some hocus pocus manoeuvres until someone will begin to fix this?


Are you really on Windows 10? On this system, it shouldn’t be an issue. The most problematic is Windows 7.

Could you make a screenshot, when it happens?

Why is this still a thing?

Doesn’t seem to be a thing for anyone else as far as I can see…did an official support request get you anywhere??

I’ve found a workaround by pure luck. ALT+Tab twice to unfocus and focus on Cubase and the problem seems to be gone.