The cubase team has gotten in contact with me for more help on cubasis-3 than the devs on here

The department that runs the full version of Cubase is more concerned about my bugs and glitches than the developers on here. They checked in with me to see if my issue was resolved, they recommended me some links to check for a possible fix, they’ve done a lot to help me get answers to some of these glitches and work around within their power.

Sadly the most they can direct for actual helps is to talk to the devs about cubasis 3. Based on my personal experience trying to get in touch, it feels like I’m being ignored. I care about this app and want improvements.

This app has so much potential, but it’s not there yet. It’s like 2-3 out of 5 stars max. Yet still somehow a better daw than most on phone/tablet. That shouldn’t make you want to stop though. You could have the best mobile daw out there.

I really want to see this evolve because I believe in this app. I just don’t know if that’s going to happen.

Key features currently NOT in the app that I would like in this to keep me on cubasis 3 daily:

  1. Better midi handling.
    -Merging midi clips
    -fixing the issue where adding midi patterns from the media browser will revert the sound to default piano
    -scale functions to only show notes in a specific key
    -I’m getting glitches on the midi chord pads when I’m tapping them and changing the chord settings. It will freeze on a chord and I have to change the sound or even delete the whole channel.

  2. Better file handling for one shots, kicks, snares, etc.
    -I found a way to get my 50GB sample folder in the app, by placing it in the folder within the files app. But it should just let you import whole folders and their contents.
    -big one here. The delete button is next to the auto play sample button. No warning message. It just deletes your snare or kick (whatever you have selected) permanently off your device.

  3. UI handling. (app design is not my speciality so I know I’m not explaining this as well as you’d probably like but it needs to be said)
    -highlighting multiple patterns/notes, moving patterns around, can sometimes be a little bit of a chore. I don’t exactly know what to say for this other than it would be nice if it was a bit more responsive.
    -Just scrolling through my samples it grabbed a folder and threw it inside another folder, I hate the heavy pushing for picking a folder up. Accidental moving folders/samples keeps happening.

Thank you so much for your time reading this. I truly appreciate it and want this app to evolve.

Hi @InfinityBlade6,

Thank you for your message, and sorry about our late reply!
It seems we’ve overlooked your previous report between the season holidays.

We’ve already replied to your App Store review (see the same reply below). Does this help to resolve your issues?

In addition, other users already seemed to have commented on a few of your issues too.

Please keep us updated.

App Store Feedback

(1) Merge MIDI Clips - To merge MIDI clips, please select the MIDI events and tap the “Glue” button in the sub menu.

(2) In regards to the factory MIDI pattern/events: Please note that the included MIDI events are mostly linked to dedicated factory instruments. However, once a MIDI event exists on a track, dropping a MIDI event out of the factory library should no longer change its assigned instrument.

(3) If you hit the “Delete” button by accident, all deleted files can be found in the “Trash” folder, which offers a “Restore” option. It would be great to have more details about your issue, where changing the chord settings lead to freezing the app.

Thanks again and stay safe,