The "Cubase way" of working with non-click track music?

I usually record piano songs without click track, and have had a heck of a time then applying a jamstix drum track, since it depends on Cubase’s grid. Over years of trying to get it working, I kind of settled into a method that is kind of like the two youtubes that look like they were recorded by steinberg (is that Greg Ondo’s voice?). I wanted to see what you guys thought about these ways, maybe you guys that record live bands and then need to edit them …


  1. To keep the (non-click track) timing, but slap a grid on it for editing, adding drums, etc.:

Time Warp:


2.To tidy up a rough measure or two (not put to a rigid quantized kind of grid, but maybe the recorded part had a slow-down or speed-up that just was not part of the intended musical concept) - adjust the tempo track:

Audio Warp:

  1. Do you guys think there are better ways to get these tasks done?

  2. Kind of related … there seem like a zillion seemingly related tools in Cubase - the Audio Warp and Time Warp tools mentioned above, a Free Warp tool, a Set Definition tool, and more I can’t remember. Under what circumstances would people choose to use these others, instead of the methods shown in the two youtubes, above?

BTW- I found the above methods (from the youtube) work fine in MIDI as well as audio …

THANKS for any advice from you power users!

Alexis - Thanks for the link, that was really helpful! I had no idea Cubase could do that. …Er, I also had no idea Brass in Pocket was so all over the place in meter! I always heard that song as a deep groove piece for the genre. :laughing:

You’re welcome, Mr. Roos! I wish I had found these vids about 6 months earlier :laughing:

Thinkingcap also has a cool vid on a thread recently where he shows maybe better how dragging the Tempo Track around stretches the audio.