The Dance of Life

Hello everyone.

This is my last piece.

I wish you good listening! :sunglasses:

I do hope it is not your last piece but rather the latest one :wink:

I like the atmosphere of your tune a lot - it takes me back to bygone years. I could imagine this tune being played back in the discos of Paris in the late 80s together with Chris de Burghs High On Emotion for example. The well thought out guitar solo works really good for me with extremely nice melodic touches. The delay effect towards the end of the tune (at around 3:55 β€œOn and on and on…”) appears as too obvious a producer gimmick to me.

All in all a very well produced and performed tune.

Thank you for these good comments hko.

Yes it is the latest one.

I did everything with Cubase except the guitar solo which was done by a friend, David Lemyre ( In the context of COVID, this has been done in every home.

Once again thank you

Well, David is a very competent guitar player indeed.

Indeed, he is a very versatile musician and he is a very nice guy. You will learn about the extent of his talent by watching some videos on his YouTube channel.

Good viewing!