The De-Bleed processing

Maybe I don’t understand this toll fully, but I’m missing some functions in there.
As it is now, you can lower bleed, and lower the signal.

You always have to select a source, that kinds of is the trigger, for finding bleed on another layer. Thats all fine, as I very often has a bass layer, that has most of the bass there. But often some bass stuff is left in the “other” layer.

I thought, that I could select the “other” layer, and then select the “bass” layer as source for finding the leftovers of the bass in the “other” layer, and then add the leftovers to the “bass” layer, and automatically remove bass stuff from the “Other” layer.

But as it is now, you can only lower the bass leftovers, not merge it to the “bass” later.

“Bleed” Is one of the biggest problem I have on songs. It the same with drums, where you often have bleed on other layers.