The default value of "Space size" for breaks (system & frame)

Dear Doricorians,

The default value of “Space size” for breaks (system & frame) is 1.75 mm when activating it.
I think it would be better if the default size is dynamically initialised according to one of the followings:

  • the “Space size” value of the last break
  • the “Space size” value defined in “Space size” in “Layout options”

How do others think about this?

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It doesn’t matter what we think. We’ve already been told that it’s difficult for the properties panel to know what the current value is.

Ah, yes, I also have the problem sometimes.

For me, Dorico is the most convenient music engraving software, but sometimes I still wish a bit more convenience.
Man’s greed for convenience seems to be endless…

Actually this is something I requested a long while ago, and each time I find myself in the situation of changing staff size (big orchestral full scores, usually) I cannot help but think I really wish I did not have to wait for the extra ten seconds it takes for the score to change to 1.75 and then to the value I requested… And as I usually do that in two steps (entering the end of the staff size change with the actual value), these ten seconds are actually more like 20-30s… I really think it would be worth to have this kind of function, but I am quite confident that it will come in due time.

Ah…here’s one more fan of not having to wait 30s when flipping that switch.