The Demo Cycle

The series of events … :unamused:

  1. Go through the process of signing up for the demo.
  2. Start the download.
  3. Notice that the download is 5.6gb (seriously? :slight_smile: ) and will take half a day and not fit on my laptop C drive.
  4. Stop the download to point it to an external drive.
  5. Try again and it tells me… “You’ve already registered for the demo…” … “Go to Download Center”
  6. Go to download center… which is Steinberg’s web shop. :slight_smile:
  7. Find a link on the site somewhere for the demo and which takes me back to step 5, rinse and repeat.

It doesn’t (the C7 demo link) appear in my MySteinberg account, where my personal info already is so I can’t get it from there. And downloading the C7 app installer by itself without the bloat might also be nice… if the bloated portions (content, etc, etc) were an optional download.

5.6gb? Seriously?

What about the core installer, does that work with a 30 day license?

I would assume so. Is that posted somewhere to download by itself, just the core installer? I don’t need the Cubase instruments or content or any of that stuff, i just wanted to load up some audio stems in C7 and kinda see what it feels like, the new mixer and all that.

5.6 gb is a huge download just to demo an application. Before I stopped the download, “time remining” was wavering between 12-15 hours.