The difference in download size...

The download size from my account is 9.1 GB
The download size from the store interface after purchase is approximately 4 GB

Could someone please explain to me why there is a difference?
cubase 8 size at 9 gb.jpg

I’m guessing one is compressed and the other is not. But that’s just a guess.

I think the 9gb is the full install with all the add-on sounds and waveforms for Halion Sonic, etc.

Thank you.

After I uncompressed the zip file the total size was 5.6 GB. So it does not really seam to add up, unless there are additional demos in the account version as compared to the one that was produced in shopping account.

I think Jonsolo is right. I just finished downloading Cubase 8, the one labled as 3.83 GB, and got 5.37 GB after decompression. Maybe I should check out and download the 9GB one since I’m doing a fresh install.

EDIT: I see you discovered the same thing :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will report any results to support your comment.

After downloading and unzipping the size is approximately 13 GB
cubase 8 unzipped at 13 gb.jpg

Speaking of which, during installation, shouldn’t we be prompted to install the VST Sounds in a separate location? Im not filling my SSD with drum and Sonic samples…always have to move it after and redirect :angry:

Unless I’m missing something…?

Is there a best practice method, when it comes to relocating libraries, so that they do not consume precious manin drive space?

:smiley: / :question:

After discovering I was missing some samples after playing around with the new Rock-Pop Toolbox demo projects I bit the bullet and downloaded the full install. The only thing missing from the update versus the full install for me was the HALionSonic SE update which is exactly the instrument I was missing samples from. I don’t know for certain this fixed the missing samples, but I imagine it did.

Thank you guys! This info will help with my clean install of Cubase 8.

Has anyone figured out if a full v8 install right next to an existing v7.5.3 install places everything that is shared where the v7.5.3 install had it?

I have now downloaded both the 9.1GB full install and the 3.1GB update install and would like to end up with v8 in it’s own folder next to my v7.5 folder while minimizing the existence of redundant file such a sound libraries, VSTs and other resources.

same question here … how do you install media/sample libraries to specific locations?

There are several different ways.

I believe (and if I’m wrong someone correct me) the very first time you have ever installed Cubase, you should get a choice as to where to place Groove Agent Hallion and reverb content. But once you have done that…that location is set and can’t be changed unless you go into the registry. Even if you do a complete reinstall, you are not going to get that choice. When you upgrade or update you won’t get a choice.

However I think the best solution is to uninstall just the instruments and then reinstall them. As you read it worked for one person. They way I did it was to make shortcuts. This also works, but creates more files.