THE DISEASE SONG - Roland St.Germain

Here’s a pleasant little tune I wrote after years of being inundated by TV commercials for prescription drugs with side effects that were worse than the conditions they are supposed to treat.

Clearly a Zappa fan! Thanks for putting it up. Any details on the recording? If you’re looking for comments, I might suggest tightening up the timing, but on the other hand, it’s part of the natural feel of the recording. Comparing to a Zappa recording, I might move the vocals a little back, and try to clarify or separate the background instruments somewhat. It’s somewhat mushy, if you know what I mean. But, I just saw Dweezil, and I love it!

Thanks for your evaluation, and I agree entirely - it is definitely a work in progress. I especially appreciate the Zappa comparison - I was lucky to see Frank 4 times (1974, 1976, 1980 and 1982), and was the musical director of The Grandmothers (before personnel changes caused the group to suddenly go south in '93 - long story…) he was one of the reasons I started writing many years ago, and although I don’t have the resources of the UMRK, I would love to get closer to that feel. Although it will be totally re-recorded soon, here are the details of the current version:
The rhythm section consists of a wall of guitars, bass, piano and drums - a fairly simple lineup compared to many recordings I have done. In retrospect, the “mushy” nature may well have been caused by the abundance of guitars. Above these tracks is a single solo guitar. All that remained was to record the vocal parts (one lead, three backing).
Anyway, as I mentioned above, I am going to start from scratch with this one, and I will make the reworked tune available soon! As for Dweezil, he is, in a word, amazing! He always looks like he’s having a great time doing what he does so well.
By the way… I listened to Intercontinental Breakfast - very nice! I sensed a little bit of early Pink Floyd here and there (a la “Atom Heart Mother”)… special kudos for “Blues For Lucian”, “Wide Stance” and “Todd Is Free”!

Well, glad you liked it, thanks for listening!

also enjoyed the nod to Frank .don`t know about the poodle wig though :laughing: