The distracting white menu bar is fine, but

The show/ hide menu bar function doesn’t always work. I would be perfectly happy to just hide the white menu bar if it actually did what it said it was going to do when you press “alt”. In my experience, it only works half the time, causing a lot of frustration and for me to have to right click and hit “show menu bar” again.

Best case scenario in my opinion is to darken the menu bar. This is a no brainer. Please please try and do this first.

-If not-

Please improve the functionality of hiding and showing the menu bar so that it’s not such a PITA.

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Microsoft’s Visual Studio gets it right. I’d like to see Cubase’s menu/Title bar look like this.

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I struggled with this for a while as Alt didn’t always work on depending on what part of the window had focus. For me both these things work - either a) click on the track list or inspector and then hit Alt, or, if you haven’t already re-assigned the keys, b) use an old Alt+ command, e.g. Alt+F will open the file menu regardless of focus.

Obviously, it would work better if Alt was able to show the menu bar regardless of focus, and hopefully this will be fixed, but I wouldn’t hold my breath when there seem to be much larger issues.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, this is super helpful for now!