The docked Transport Panel

So, has anyone figured out how to remove this? Much prefer the floating option. Also, cannot find a way to remove the Project Settings bar along the top of the screen?


So much for asking what we wanted and then delivering a whole load of stuff we didn’t. Oh Gawd!

Top Right panel switch next to the new zone switch is a down arrow, click it and turn the transport area off

Thanks you :slight_smile:

HA! You must be newish to Steinberg (i kid, i kid). As someone who has been handing them money since Nuendo 1 back in 2001 this is standard operating procedure for them. Now by listening to their video that was in the email for the C9 release you’d think differently by the statement “We have heard what the users wanted and implemented them” or something like that. I still have ‘battered wife syndrome’ from the update of Nuendo where they totally eliminated the MONO button. Took a whole lot of forum rebellion to get it back. Ahhh the good ole days.

All in all the last few Steiny updates have been rock solid and i have enjoyed the improvements without much ranting. I have adjusted my work flow with each new so called improvement they force upon us.
I have paid the 30 pieces of silver for the C9 upgrade and will install it this weekend very cautiously and skeptically…expecting the worse but hopefully pleasantly surprised. We shall see.


I think it’s cool to have these UI choices…

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Choices are good and for me incorporating the functions of the “Transport Panel” onto the project window is a great option.

For one screen users, getting rid of the floating panel is a real screen saver as we can now use that space for whatever we want. :slight_smile:

Regards :sunglasses:

Ha Ha. I have a friend coming over at the weekend to do some recording so I will leave things to next week. However I am already making notes. By then we should have a clearer idea of the kind of mental torture we will be put through. I have been with Cubase since the early Atari days. 6.5 was my worst time as I only had to look at the screen and it would turn blue, I think I had 3 or 4 crashes every time I used Cubase.

I’m afraid the only real interest I have in 9 is whether many of the issues have been solved. So far no list of bugs that have been solved is available.

The key command is alt + Control + T on Windows and Command + option +T on the Mac will hide/show the lower zone transport bar.

I set the tempo and time signature when i start a project, after that, boom, gone with the transport panel the rest of the project. It would be a epic fail if it would not be removable… who needs to see that stuff ALL the time? Not me.

I believe you can install new versions “side by side” with older versions

Personally I have been asking for this for a very long time so thank you Steinberg. I really just wanted to be able to see the pre and post roll times in the bar at the top docked without having the floating transport. This works for me too and is better than what I had in mind. I hear you though on many features missing of course that have been asked for, for a while but I guess that’s the waiting game. Better offline automation and updated Macro editor with a delay are on my top two highest wish list.

Still no C9 here, but I’d like to be able to dock it below Main Menu because I really don’t like to go up and down with the mouse all the time.


What I can say is that 9.01 is rock solid, it took me under 30 minutes from finding my credit card to be running Cubase 9.01. And it has been running since without even a hiccup, if where ever was a solid major release this is it.
I do mostly your ordinary rock, blues, country stuff, and something like the sample track is immensely helpful.
Instead of moving backing vocals in time and sync them up I can drag them to different sample tracks and fire them of with the keyboard. That makes me use my ears more and a great tool to quickly try out harmonies.
Sorry for being off topic, sometimes I just bubble over :slight_smile:

Totally O/T… but I love it.

And back on topic… I never use the Lower Panel. And I’m glad I turned it off. And I further wish that all the effort into the FABULOUS ‘lower panel’ had been put into fixing the 300 or so little dealies I’ve been posting in ‘Feature Requests’ for the past 10+ years. And even more? I’d even pay extra for getting that stuff worked on so they could hire another guy to work on sexy junk like the Lower Panel. :mrgreen:

I’m not a fan of the transport panel at all. I’ll definitely avoid the docked panel. I’ve essentially found a way to set up Cubase so that all I need in the transport panel is the metronome info. I’ve removed everything else. The transport sits out of the way up near the top right of the project window near the minimize, expand, and close buttons. It used to drive me nuts to open and close it constantly.

Pretty much the same for me. I really wish you would be able to add metronome control to another are as well.

Looks like the transport bar is not a problem, one can customize it, hide it, and so on. Bus so far I still couldn’t find a way to make the top gray and black lines running all across from left to right disappear. I am talking about the project setting lines on the top. They are really unnecessary and they occupy a considerable amount of useful screen real estate.
Please let us know how to get rid of it. Many thanks and all the best to everybody.

Do you mean the Status Line which shows ‘Record Time’, ‘Record Format’ etc.? This can be hidden using the drop down menu that appears if you click the small down arrow on the right of the group of buttons that show/hide the various different zones.

very useful, many thanks for that. Didn’t realize was that easy.
Thank you