The Dongle Thing

Is it possible to get a wireless dongle for Steinberg Products anytime soon? I don‘t mean a dongle server
kind of solution. Something that you can put on your
key chain.


Regards :sunglasses:

It would probably wreak havoc on many systems. Imagine the interrupts required to all of a sudden ping a wireless device and then wait for a key or whatever to be returned.

I see the point and I sympathize with it, but I have far more fear of problems happening than I think we (I) will benefit from it.

MattiasNYC, I get what you mean. And I don‘t say that it
should completely replace the USB Dongle. It depends on
the use case and setup. In professional setups like in recording studios there should still be an always attached USB Dongle. In case of casual setups that are used for rather creative than technical output, I‘d prefer a wireless solution even if it‘d not be as stable. I‘m just too often in the situation that the Dongle is still attached to my docking station while I‘m somewhere else with the notebook. Or I‘m lazy on the couch and it‘s somewhere else. This blocks my creative processes. I often just scribble some beats with Groove Agent or just found a sample that I want to cut and loop on the fly… things like that. Also the surface book‘s display can be detached and used as a tablet but doesn‘t have any USB ports on it in this mode. For mobile setups this would be a real effort. Plus the stick cannot be stolen that easily if it stays in my pocket on the keychain.